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yusra al-mukhtar

yusra al-mukhtar


Dr Yusra developed a keen interest in facial rejuvenation after spending several years training in maxillofacial surgery at various trauma hospitals in London, from dealing with victims of domestic violence to road traffic accidents and treating their injuries with particular respect for the aesthetic finish to protect, restore and maintain her patients wellbeing. Dr Yusra was involved in research at each stage of her training in maxillofacial surgery, including extensive research on orthognathic surgery provided to patients with congenital skeletal discrepancies, and ran joint clinics with the dermatology team performing biopsies, surgical excisions and reconstructive surgical treatments for patients who suffered from skin cancer and oral cancer. She spent several years in surgical training at the Royal London Hospital, Homerton University Hospital, Whipps Cross University Hospital and St Bartholomew’s Hospital. Through her understanding of facial anatomy, her unparalleled aesthetic eye, and her surgically trained skill set, Dr Yusra has a deep desire to help her patients improve their wellbeing in whatever way she can. She listens to her patients concerns, carefully assesses and diagnoses the problem, and provides the right treatment plan for each patient individually. Her ethos is professional integrity, meaning Dr Yusra and her team will always honestly advise you if a treatment is or isn’t in your best interest.

Utilising the most gentle and effective evidence based medically proven techniques, she provides a wide range of treatment to treat your aesthetic concern with utmost respect for natural proportions. Dr Yusra is world reknowned for providing natural looking non-surgical face lifts using dermal fillers, thread lifts and latest technology devices to contour the face and enhance sunken cheeks, treat sunken eye bags, and correct dorsal hump deformities of the nose. Dr Yusra also uses Botulinum Toxin injections to reduce and prevent lines and wrinkles of the face, treat muscle tension in the jaw, headaches and migraines, and reduce excessive underarm sweating. She also treats the neck to create a jaw line lift using silhouette soft thread lift. Dr Yusra is well known for her ability to rejuvenate the face beautifully whilst remaining elegant and natural looking, always avoiding and advising against the overdone look.

She has treated thousands of patients in her years of clinical practice and has built her practice on word of mouth. She takes a holistic approach to facial rejuvenation and makes a comprehensive assessment of each patient including lifestyle, skin type and facial features before advising on the best bespoke treatments, skin care and nutrition.

Dr Yusra is a strong supporter of the Safety in Beauty campaign and is dedicated to supporting the profession in providing safe aesthetic treatments for their patients. She trains doctors and dentists at the Royal college of general practitioners in London on how to deliver safe effective treatments with Botulinum toxin and dermal fillers as well as teaching the advanced non surgical face lift.

In her spare time Yusra enjoys developing her talent in art including water and oil painting and has undertaken extensive training with the London Academy of Art. She is a mother to two children and having undertaken further research into mental health alongside her husband who is Psychiatrist, is keen advocator for mental wellness.


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