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Elizabeth Clarson

Elizabeth Clarson


Is beauty only skin deep?, In my opinion, no it is not. Beauty comes from within. To feel confident and happy in your own skin is the most important thing. At emcaesthetics, i use an holistic approach, assessing you in full to ensure that the treatment you are requesting is the correct treatment for you. A full consultation prior to any treatment is always carried out. I pride my clinic on being a relaxed environment offering you a retreat whilst you come and receive your treatment.

With many years experience of nursing under my belt, my current job being a clinical nurse specialist, i am able to safely assess you from a medical and aesthetic prospective to ensure that your preferred treatment is afe for you.

All my training has been done via Skin Viva and Bob Khanna who are all respected clinicians within the industry.


I have had a few different treatments with Liz at EMC. For me allowing a qualified nurse to perform these is so important. I always love having treatments there and enjoy the fact she is always bringing new techniques and technologies for clients. Can’t recommend enough.

Sarah D

I had the wow facial/fusion with Liz on Tuesday. It’s the first time I’ve had a treatment with Liz and I’m really pleased with the results. When I got there she put me at ease straight away. Explained everything to me and what it entailed. There are 6 stages to this treatment so in all it takes over an hour. It’s a great way to relax and be pampered. The results are amazing straight away. She took some before and after pictures to compare and I was blown away. I can see even more improvement in my skin today 24 hours later. This treatment I would definitely recommend and we have already discussed me returning in around 6 weeks' time for a top-up. Liz can work to your budget so you can either have the full 6 stages or miss a couple out and make it a more affordable option. I can definitely recommend Liz she is very professional, puts you at ease. We chatted all during my time there just like old friends would. 5*

Jayne V


You can select up to five treatments


    • Elizabeth Clarson
    • 172 Lichfield Road
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