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Kynd Clinic

Kynd Clinic


Located near Central London, our clinic is based in the Warwick Avenue, Little Venice area of London.

Our practitioners our highly trained UK based clinicians, who use premium FDA approved products to achieve the look and aesthetic result requested by our clients and patients. We believe that delivering excellent aesthetic outcomes not only requires many years of practice and medical knowledge, but also a good aesthetic eye and artistic ability.

Through consistent care and excellence in what we do, our ambition is to be a partner to your aesthetic healthcare needs. Our treatments are evidence based, using up-to-date techniques & procedures.

Kynd Clinic has available a wide array of treatments, including muscle relaxing anti-wrinkle botulinum toxin injections, fillers, medical peels, skin boosters and platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapies. Through one or a combination of these treatments we can create an individual aesthetic plan that can best achieve a rejuvenated, fresher and more glowing look.

To make sure we are independently benchmarked against standards, KYND also works with Save Face, a Professional Standards Authority, recognised by the Government, The Department of Health, NHS England and the Care Quality Commission.

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Kynd Clinic

63 Shirland Road, London, W9 2JD