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Theresa Ashley

Theresa Ashley


Welcome to my clinic! My name is Theresa, I am a qualified nurse and the face behind The LMA Clinic. This practice has been years in the making for me, I’m so excited to say we are finally up and running! I’ve worked within healthcare for 9 years and I qualified as a registered adult nurse in January 2018. My clinic is set in a quaint coach house just outside the suburb of Whitchurch village, Cardiff. I work alongside a variety of therapists each offering different services such as semi permanent makeup, nails, massage therapy and laser hair removal. It’s a serene environment with beautiful light making it a bright and welcoming visit for each individual. 

My journey into aesthetic medicine has always been in the pipeline, but I felt it paramount I gained experience in general nursing care prior to starting my own venture and i’m so glad I did. I put patient safety at the core of my nursing practice and the last few years have truly given me a foundation of knowledge, skills and confidence to manage patients and clinical scenarios independently. In my ‘day job’ I work out of a GP surgery as a practice nurse, I love this role as it gives me so much variety. Practice nurses are often labelled as a ‘jack of all trades’. This means I am used to managing a multitude of conditions and scenarios which enables me to build positive professional relationships with my patients, where they feel safe and able to express their concerns in a calm and open environment. 

I always knew aesthetics was going to be my niche, from a young age I’ve been very passionate about empowering women (and men too!). Since delving into the world of aesthetics I’ve been on a variety of courses in non surgical treatments and also skincare therapies. Most notably I’ve spent time shadowing local practitioners to expand on my initial training. In my spare time I also keep myself up to date with the latest evidence and literature within the field through a variety of educational resources. Aesthetics is a wonderful area of practice that combines my love for practical, refined techniques with mostly immediate gratification from treatments performed. The difference just one tweak to the face can make on a persons outlook is phenomenal. I always use myself as an example for this, one of the first aesthetic treatments I ever had was tear trough filler. Totally undetectable to the public eye, but after many sleepless nights with a baby and now toddler I was certainly in need of a little refreshing! So I had the treatment, suddenly I didn’t feel like a tired working mother, I felt revived and well.. I felt like me again! And guess what? Not a soul noticed. So from my experience, aesthetic treatments aren’t merely a method of enhancing your physical appearance, they can truly change someone’s whole perspective and approach to their every day lives. At The LMA Clinic I’m here listen to your concerns and work with you to devise a treatment plan that will deliver the results you desire, whether that be a little tweak or a full face rejuvenation using a range of modalities, the journey is yours! I look forward to meeting you, T x 


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