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Sylvie Bourree

Sylvie Bourree


I.m Dr. Sylvie Bourrée a renowned specialist in aesthetic medicine. I'm specialized in non-surgical rejuvenating skin treatments, wrinkle treatments and anti-aging. Aesthetic medicine has long been a passion for me, which helps me in constantly improving my techniques and knowledge. Since 2000 I have devoted my passion to help my patients to feel better with procedures that enhance their natural beauty and restore the look of vitality from their youth.

An aesthetic doctor i work with in the rules of art. My goals are to restore beauty and to give real harmony to a tired and aging skin. It must me done in natural and subtle way and each doctor has got his own method and technique, aesthetic eye to improve your appearance and to redraw your lips.

Dr Sylvie Bourrée Professional Credentials

1997 – University Diploma In Nutrition • Hôpital Bichat – Paris.

1999 – State registered Doctor in Medecine • Faculté de Broussais – Hôtel Dieu – Paris.

1999 – Diploma In Aesthetic Medicine • Collège National de Médecine Esthétique. (CNME)

2000 – European Diploma in Medical Lazer • Université René Descartes. Paris V, le 25 septembre 2000.

Member Of the “Association Française de Médecine Morpho-Esthétique et Anti-Âge (AFME)”.

Member of the Council de l’Ordre des Médecins.

Member of the General Medical Council • GMC n°6039001.

Member of the I.D.F (Independenr Doctors Federation) in London.


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    • Sylvie Bourree
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