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Mehar Nigar

Mehar Nigar


Hi I'm Mehar, co-owner and Clinical Practitioner here at Minx Aesthetics, based in the heart of Birmingham.

After harbouring 6 years of clinical experience and expertise working autonomously as a GP pharmacist within the NHS and A&E, driven by my passion for aesthetic medicine i made the decision to transition into medical aesthetics after completing my training from the Royal College of General Practitioners and at the world renowned Clinics on Harley street in London.

There is an art to recognising the deeper impact that procedures and we the clinicians have on the self-confidence and happiness of the patients we treat, this notion alone has been one of the main incentives for me to make the jump into medical aesthetics.

It has become easier and even more accessible to obtain the desired version of yourself, however it's not what others look at that matters, it's what YOU see!


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