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WB Aesthetics

WB Aesthetics


Unzip your skin's potential with London's premier Aesthetic and skin clinic. At WB, we don't have clients, we have patients. Everyone that walks thru our door is treated as such. Your are made to feel welcomed and special. With a free drink on arrival, you will feel right at home in our state of the art clinic and reception area. We don't just provide a "per-ml" type treatments, we provide tailored treatments for all our privileged patients.

At WB, we pledge that all our practitioners are extensively trained and that all treatments are undertaken by a fully qualified practitioner and overseen by a surgeon with at least 10yrs experience in the surgical field. All our practitioners are appraised yearly and are required to undertake a refresher course yearly. This ensures that we continue to treat aesthetic treatments as an art in the medical profession. Using the same ethical principles, We pride ourselves on the pre and after care of our clients. Every client is followed us after their initial treatment and all consultations are undertaken by the performing clinician, so you see the same aesthetician/ clinician, same face, all through your experience with us.

Yes we are more expensive than our competitors but that is for a reason, the after care from us is second to none. So, whether your new to these treatments, looking for a better option or a second opinion, Come to one of our professional, friendly clinics, relax and let's show you an alternative view into the world of Aesthetics and more

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WB Aesthetics

32 North Street, Clapham, London, SW4 0HD