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6 Hobbies to Try Out During Lockdown

Now we’re one week into the nationwide lock-down, one thing that lots of us are probably finding is that we have a lot more free time on our hands than usual. With our daily lives coming to a bit of a temporary halt whilst we wait out the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re having to be creative with how we pass the time. So, I’m here to talk you through 6 hobbies you might want to try out.

Try your hand at gardening

Whilst we might only be allowed to leave the house for one form of exercise a day, there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying the outdoors from your back garden - and what better way to spend these warm spring days than having a go at a bit of gardening? Whether it’s weeding, planting new flowers, or getting your grass in order, there’s never been a better time to put your green thumb to the test. And the great thing about gardening is that you can get your daily dose of vitamin D whilst you do it - but, don’t forget your SPF!

Have a go at baking

Perhaps you fancy yourself as the next Paul Hollywood or Mary Berry, or perhaps you want to get your skills into shape for the next round of The Great British Bake Off - either way, baking is the perfect way to spend a few hours of your day. With tons of recipes online for you to choose from (and maybe a few in some recipe books you’ve been meaning to try out), baking is a sure-fire way to keep boredom at bay.

If your local supermarket’s shelves are looking a bit bare, this will only add to the fun and force you to get even more creative!

Give some board games a whirl

It might sound a bit old school, but who doesn’t love a board game? They’re fun, usually a good laugh, and a great way to get all of the members of your household involved. A couple of my favourites include Cluedo and Scrabble (what writer can resist a spelling game?!).

And there are also brain trainers and teasers if you’re looking for something fun, whilst also wanting to challenge yourself. There are plenty on Google to choose from, as well as lots of apps you can download. A great way to fill the time whilst also learning.

Tick off some books on your reading list

If you’re anything like me, your reading list is ever-growing and your free time is forever dwindling. But being confined to our homes is a great excuse to curl up with a book and finally start reading some of those titles we’ve wanted to get stuck into for ages. And if you don’t have many physical books lying around your house, don’t forget you can read digital copies on devices like Kindles, and there’s even platforms like Audible if you want to get immersed in a good story, but don’t feel like reading.

Build an exercise regimen

For those of you who are looking for ways to channel your energy and get fit in the process, this one’s for you. Exercising is a great productive and proactive use of your time. You can set yourself fitness goals and track your progress - and it’s also a great way to keep your mental health in check too. If one form of outdoor exercise isn’t enough, there are loads of ways you can exercise without even having to leave your house. Gym closed? No problem. We’ve got an entire article all about at-home workouts and routines that you can access with a quick YouTube, Google or Instagram search. Click here to have a read.

Watch some movies

I add things to my Netflix list like there’s no tomorrow - but there are so many movies I haven’t got round to watching yet. And I’m thinking that now is a good time to get started. Getting cosy with a cuppa whilst you put a blockbuster on is not only a great way to keep yourself entertained, but it’s also a great way to shut off from what’s going on in the outside world for a little while.

So, there are 6 hobbies you might want to give a go whilst we’re on lock-down. We also have lots of other great articles to help you through these difficult times, like how to practise mindfulness and how to keep your anxiety in check, and you can browse through them on our website here.

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