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Are Fillers Falling Out Of Fashion?

This year, at the MET Gala, we saw a whole host of celebrities looking...well...normal?!

Maybe not normal, but there was definitely skin texture, lines, laxity and visible signs of ageing.

Does this mean that treatments like Botox and fillers are over? Are we seeing a movement away from the cookie cutter Instagram face of late? And if so, what treatments are people having instead?

We know that celebrities like Kristen Davies and Courtney Cox have shared that they have dissolved their filler. Ariana Grande has stated that she's stopped using Botox.

It appears that people are ditching the overused fillers aesthetic. BUT, that doesn't mean they are going au naturel...instead, they are opting for a more natural, youthful look achieved through (probably) more subtle fillers, but primarily a focus on skincare and collagen-inducing treatments like microneedling, polynucleotides and RF microneedling treatments like Morpheus8.

If you're looking to ditch/avoid fillers and focus on skin health, here's the low down.

Dissolving the Dream: Getting Your Filler Dissolved?

Once upon a time, not too long ago, filler manufacturers claimed that fillers lasted a relatively short time - 6-9 months. This led to people getting their fillers "topped up" fairly regularly, believing that their filler had gone, so needed more.

We now know, not only do fillers stick around for up to 20 years 😬, filler can migrate, can distort natural features and make people look puffy and pillowy.

When this happens, dissolving fillers by injecting an enzyme called hyaluronidase, is often recommended. It can be a gradual process requiring multiple sessions to ensure that all the filler has been dissolved. You can read more about what to expect during a filler dissolving session here.

Whilst there are many benefits of dissolving fillers: regaining your natural facial definition and reducing puffiness and asymmetry, there are also potential risks to be aware of.

Hyaluronidase is a blunt instrument - so can dissolve your own hyaluronic acid in your skin too -although this usually regenerates in time. It also means that, unless your filler is being dissolved under ultrasound, not all filler may be dissolved in the first session. Plus, you will likely experience swelling and bruising.

One other risk to be mindful of is where large volumes of filler are dissolved, or where fillers have been used for many years, there’s the potential for skin to be loose/lax due to the combination of loss of volume, loss of elasticity and natural ageing.

The New Natural: Regenerating Skin From Within

We have seen a definite shift in bookings to from fillers to treatments that are regenerative, without adding volume.

Rather than simply injecting products to replace, there's a focus on treatments that promote your own collagen production, increase cell turnover whilst maintaining your natural features.

Here are some popular in-clinic choices:

Each of these modalities work on getting the skin to improve from within. They aren't quick fixes, nor are they cheap! But they are great, long-term treatments your future face will thank you for!

You can find detailed treatments guides here.

Don't Forget The 80:20 Rule

It's all well and good booking in for some in-clinic skin treatments, but what you do the rest of the time is more important.

Your lifestyle and at home skincare routine needs to support any in-clinic treatments you invest in. It's boring, but true!

  • Establish a solid, doable skincare routine - cleanse, Vit C, SPF, Vit A, SPF.
  • Nourish your body with good food, plenty of protein, fibre, nutrients and good fats & get hydrated!
  • Get enough sleep for skin cell renewal and stress reduction.

A great home skincare routine combined with regular collagen-boosting treatments effectively addresses the underlying causes of the visible signs of ageing, like collagen and elastin loss and UV damage.

If you're looking for a pro to help, you can find hundreds of qualified, trained and insured aesthetic practitioners near you on

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