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Making your Glowday profile pop: Photos

Photos are probably going to sell your clinic more than anything that you write, or the qualifications and experience that you have. Sorry, but it’s true. Especially on a platform like Glowday where you’re being compared against lots of other clinics in your area.

You’re in the business of aesthetics. It’s predicated on people looking good. Clients will make a snap judgment about you and your clinic based on your photos. If you get a ‘ooo, that looks nice..’ you’re half way to a booking!

What does a client want to see?

The want to see a few things.


Your clinic.

Your team (if you have one).

They want to see somewhere welcoming, immaculately clean, light, bright and airy. And clean. REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY CLEAN…

They want to see what the outside looks like, so they can find you easily.

They want to see what your reception area looks like, if you have one.

They want to see what the treatment rooms look like.

How to take great shots of your clinic

  • Use a tripod and the timer function on your camera phone.
  • For interior shots, take low shots. Set the tripod so the camera is about 1m off the ground.
  • Shoot rooms straight on, from outside the doorway if necessary.
  • Shoot mirrors at an angle, so your reflection doesn’t appear in the photo.
  • Avoid wide-angle lenses.
  • Turn of the flash.
  • Use natural light as much as possible.You can then apply filters to lighten your image afterwards.
  • Declutter and style your space. Remove cords, cables, rubbish and clutter. You can move items around, from room to room, shot to shot. Flowers, plants, products and artefacts can be re-purposed.
  • Shoot some closeups. Shelves, skincare, products and branding.
  • View your clinic through your clients’ eyes. Be subjective. Be brutal.
  • Have a look at the shots of other clinics on Glowday that catch your eye. Copy what they do!

We have shown you some examples of some great clinic photos taken by some of our professional photographers. If you aren’t happy with your photos, we have a network of professional photographers who can come and take some professional photos of your clinic. Just get in touch at

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