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Apr 5, 2020
Written By:Hannah Russell
Hannah Russell

What is Glowday?

You’re probably familiar with marketplaces like AirBnB and Treatwell? Well, we are building the non-surgical aesthetics equivalent!

Glowday is the place where clients can find, research and book non-surgical treatments with only medically qualified aesthetic practitioners.

When is it launching?

We had planned to launch Glowday at the ACE event in March, but, well…the global pandemic happened!

But we are ready to go! We want to get your clinics BUZZING when we are out of the back of the coronavirus pandemic.

How is it different to what is already available?

There are loads of really great directories out there. There are also plenty of great booking software providers.

What there isn’t is one place that simultaneously provide medically qualified aesthetic practitioners with new clients, helps them retain current clients, whilst also providing online booking and clinic scheduling.

What's pretty unique about Glowday is that the team running the ship have built household brands before. They have amazing experience growing brands and consumer awareness through spending a pretty penny on TV advertising and clever, targeted Google and social media marketing.

Our TV advert is ready, and as soon as we have a good spread of clinics, we will switch on TV spend, driving clients to your clinic.

Glowday has two main aims:

1. In the absence of regulation, we want to provide a place where clients can be confident they will only find medically qualified aesthetic professionals.

2. To raise the profile of the industry, celebrating the amazing work that is happening across the country and educating potential clients about the treatment options available to them.

So what do I get if I join Glowday?

We have summarised this in a handy little infographic!

What’s all this going to cost?

We’d love to say “It’s FREE!”, but clearly, stuff like this takes time and money to build.

What we have tried to do is provide a pricing model that is not only fair, but one that means we don’t get paid until you have been paid.


  • There is no sign up fee
  • There is no monthly subscription
  • There is no commitment

Where can I find out more?

You can either take a look at our For Clinic page, follow us on Instagram or write to me at

How do I join?

Joining is easy, just visit and sign up.

We already have over 100 clinics who have joined, but we would LOVE to be able to launch with national coverage.

I have friends who run clinics, can they join too?

The more the merrier. We run a Refer a Practitioner promotion. If you want to know more, drop me a message at