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Glowday Online Skin Consultations

Is your skin in need of some expert help?

  • Is acne zapping your confidence?
  • Is rosacea getting you down?
  • Maskne making you miserable?
  • Or maybe your skin is just a bit bleurg?

We have teamed up with some incredible AlumierMD skincare professionals to help guide you through the confusing world of skincare from the comfort of your home. Your Glowday Expert is able to crate a bespoke home skincare plan using results-driven medical grade skincare products from AlumierMD. You can book an online skin consultation here.

What is medical grade skincare?

Medical grade skincare products have been developed with a high strength and percentage of active ingredients, coupled with sophisticated delivery systems, which penetrate the layers of skin, ensuring products are placed where they are most effective.

Medical grade skincare products are rigorously tested and are proven to be effective. They are usually more expensive than the kinds of products you will find in Boots or Wilkos, as they contain actives that actually work at a cellular level within your skin. They are a similar price point to many skincare brands you'd find in department stores, like Clarins and Clinique.

What happens in a virtual skin consultation?

During a Glowday virtual skin consultation, you will connect to a Zoom call with your practitioner.

Your consultation is an opportunity for you to get expert information, guidance and support to help you reach your skin goals.

Your practitioner will first confirm your name, date of birth and contact details.

They will then carry out a detailed consultation, finding out about your skin type and tone, your skin specific concerns (ageing, pigmentation, acne/oily/rosacea) your current routine (am and pm) and any in-clinic treatments you may have had.

Once your practitioner has a good understanding of your concerns and goals, they will suggest a skincare routine and associated products to help you treat your concerns and meet your goals.

After the consultation, your practitioner will follow up with an email summary of your treatment plan and will add any product recommendations to the AlumierMD Portal for you to log in to and purchase.

You are not obliged to purchase any products, however, as AlumierMD products are medical grade, you will not find them available to purchase in stores or elsewhere online.

What training has my practitioner had?

Your practitioner has had in-depth, multi-tiered training with AlumierMD. They have undergone intensive online, in class and hands-on training with the products they recommend and, in clinic, administer. They have mastery of anatomy and physiology of the skin, and understand how various combinations of AlumierMD products can effectively treat all Fitzpatrick skin types and conditions.

Who is AlumierMD?

AlumierMD provides a results-driven, 360° approach to skin solutions. Its science-backed, medical-grade products form a complete home-care line and comprehensive professional treatment menu that complement other in-clinic modalities to effectively treat all Fitzpatrick skin types with various skin conditions and concerns.

You can find out more here:

What kinds of things will I be asked?

Your practitioner first ask you for your name, date of birth and contact details.

They will then complete a detailed consultation about your skin type and tone, your skin concerns (ageing, pigmentation, acne, oily, rosacea, your current routine (AM and PM) and any in-clinic treatments you may have had.

Where can I buy the products that are recommended?

Your products will be popped into your AlumierMD Portal by your practitioner. You can log in and purchase your recommended skincare products from there. They will be delivered directly to your home.

What if I don’t want to buy any products?

That’s no problem at all. You aren’t obliged to purchase any products. You will still be emailed a list of the product recommendations your practitioner has made, and a suggested routine, in case you wish to purchase products in the future.

Where can I find out more information about the products?

You can find out more about the AlumierMD product ranges here

To find out more about Glowday Skincare Consultations, click here

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