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Introducing Glowday - The 'Airbnb of Aesthetics'

Glowday, a tech-driven marketplace where consumers can find, review and book medically qualified practitioners for non-surgical treatments, has launched in the UK.

Think of Glowday as the ‘Airbnb of aesthetics’ and you should get the gist. Set to revolutionise the industry by providing consumers accessibility, transparency, and confidence in aesthetics, by opening up the market to enable individuals to discover the UK’s best medically qualified practitioners.

Founded by husband and wife team, Hannah Russell (Founder and CEO) and Joby Russell (Founder and joint CEO) after Hannah noticed challenges when finding the right practitioner for cosmetic treatments, Glowday enables clinics to showcase their treatment portfolio to prospective clients. The UK aesthetics market is largely unregulated and to overcome the risk of untrained professionals providing aesthetic treatment, Glowday only offers consumers appointments with certified doctors, nurses, dentists and specially trained pharmacists.

Based on a digital marketplace model, Glowday sits adjacent to brands such as Airbnb, Uber and Just Eat, so anyone vising the site will be able to find, review and compare practitioners and clinics, as well as view the availability of the one they choose, and book appointments instantly. The platform verifies aesthetic practitioners’ identity, qualifications and medical insurance to ensure that customers are in expert hands, as well as providing extensive insights into treatment options so consumers are informed ahead of making a booking. Upon treatment completion, Glowday will ask clients to leave a review and rate their experience.

Co-Founder Joby has already achieved success in taking a platformed based business model from seed to IPO, and following a two year development phase, within which the brand has partnered with over 200 verified doctors, nurses and dentists, Glowday has recently secured £3.8 million in investment. With this, Glowday intends to support practitioners, enabling them to automate and digitise as many aspects of their businesses as possible in order to increase bookings and cater to huge waiting lists post COVID-19.

The UK aesthetics market is considerably fragmented with an estimated 22,000 practitioners conducting treatments in the UK, while only 10% of the entire market is made up by clinic groups such as Sk:n and The Harley Street Clinic. The launch of Glowday to the industry, provides a platform that presents approved aesthetics providers within one portfolio that enables consumers to chose based on personal objectives.

Glowday will be offering appointments for aesthetic treatments including dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections (Botox), Profhilo, microneedling, chemical peels and laser hair removal.

Hannah Russell comments, “I’m confident that Glowday will be a beacon of light to the industry which is currently a dangerous, unregulated market. The Government is not prioritising industry regulation as most medically-qualified practitioners are VAT exempt, so if regulation meant that procedures could only be administered by medics, a huge income stream would be lost. At present, £3bn is spent each year on anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers – these treatments equate to almost 80% of all aesthetic treatments. Current industry standard allows for almost anyone to be able to inject fillers into someone else without consequence and sadly, the real victimes are the indivduals who as a result end up with botched procedures. These are individuals who are already likely to be vunerable both financially and emotionally, therefore Glowday hopes to give all consumers a safety net."

Notes to Editors

Glowday is the UK’s first marketplace where consumers can find, review and book medically-qualified practitioners for non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

Only doctors, dentists and nurses specialising in aesthetic treatments such as Botox, fillers and chemical peels are able to list, to ensure that consumers are provided with a safety net within the UK market which is currently largely unregulated.

Consumers are able to browse reviews, plus before and after photos in a way that’s never been available in the UK.

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