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Let's Face it - We're in Love with Aesthetics

Remember when celebrities told us that the secret to looking younger was down to good genes, exercise and loads of water? Us mere mortals would immediately pull on a sports bra, neck a gallon of water and curse our forefathers for average genes.

Fast forward to the present day and there is a new wave of celebrity who is happy to lift the lid on the reality of looking fresh and, whilst diet, exercise and genes do play their part, the truth is these celebs are embracing cosmetic treatments to keep the visible signs of ageing at bay.

What’s better is that they are using the global reach of social media to share their secrets. And what’s great for us is their openness has shifted the attitude towards these treatments so dramatically that, not only are we able to access the same treatments at affordable prices, we’re happy to admit to having them too.

So now we’re all in love with the idea of looking that little bit fresher just by investing in a few simple treatments, but the range of treatments is HUGE - so, where do we start?

Beauty treatments

Put simply, beauty treatments are the ones you receive at a local salon and are non-permanent, and non-invasive - think eyelash tinting, waxing and nail treatments. They're cheap and cheerful as a one-off, but expect to go back every few weeks to top up.

Cosmetic surgery

The other end of the spectrum is cosmetic surgery. The results are largely permanent and can dramatically change your body, but the process involves a hospital stay, anaesthetic and doctors - not to mention the high costs.

Non-surgical tweaks

Non-surgical treatments are the happy medium between salon-based treatments and cosmetic surgery. These are generally non-invasive procedures which form part of your beauty armoury to hold off the signs of ageing and delay - or even avoid - more invasive treatments.


Botox (AKA anti-wrinkle treatment) is one of the most popular treatments in this field. Yes, it’s a toxin and, yes, the results can look startling if it’s not done properly. But, with the right practitioner, this is a subtle and sure-fire way to banish wrinkles.


Dermal fillers can be used to smooth away wrinkles and also increase the volume and definition of lips and cheeks - they can even be used for non-surgical facelifts. The results range from temporary to permanent, so be sure to find a qualified practitioner who can talk you through your options.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is up there - for men and women - as a permanent solution to removing facial and body hair. The cost up-front may be pricey, but imagine a life free of eye-watering waxing!

It goes without saying that you should pick a medically qualified practitioner to carry out these procedures - Glowday will soon be packed with trusted practitioners in your area who offer these treatments and more. You’ll be just a click away from a fresh new look - and not a sports bra in sight!

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