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Dr Thuha Jabbar

Dr Thuha Jabbar


In 2015, Dr Jabbar spent 5 years as a Postgraduate Educational Supervisor for the London Postgraduate Deanery where she trained and mentored young dental graduates, introducing them into clinical practice. She is very passionate about post-graduate dental education and in 2016 gained her PGCE in Clinical Education. In 2019, Dr Jabbar became a senior trainer and examiner for Derma Medical institute, a world leading provider in Aesthetic Medicine Training and in 2020, she was appointed as a lecturer for Vivacy, an international and world leading medical devices manufacturer.

In 2021, Dr Jabbar completed her 5-year Masters in Restorative Dentistry at the Eastman Dental Institute, which has elevated her restorative skills even further. She is committed to like long learning and development to always bring the latest to her patients and clinics.


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    • Dr Thuha Jabbar
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