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Coco and Grace Medical Aesthetics

Coco and Grace Medical Aesthetics


At Coco and Grace Medical Aesthetics you will be cared for only by Karen

💁🏼‍♀️a Registered Nurse with 20 years experience across a breadth of clinical and management settings.

 📓 educated in the industry of aesthetics and will be offering an expanding range of injectable treatments to meet your aesthetic goals

🥰With your well-being in mind, I understand that the decision to undergo an aesthetic treatment may feel a little scary. As such, I will be providing you with 1:1 consultations, where you can discuss your concerns and aesthetic goals and plan together the options to help you achieve them.

 👭Following all treatments, you will receive personalised follow up care and review to evaluate your satisfaction with your results

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Coco and Grace Medical Aesthetics

6 Barnwell Court, Mawsley, Kettering , NN141FG