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Jessica Hancock

Jessica Hancock


I’m Jess proud owner of Fancy Face Aesthetics and Skin care. I qualified as a nurse in 2011. I spent 5 years working on surgical and gynaecology wards. I then moved into the community and became a practice nurse. In 2017 I completed my independent nurse prescribing course. I still work within the NHS part time as a sexual health and contraception nurse.

I became a nurse as I had this desire to help and care for people. I absolutely love looking after my patients and always strive to do my best for them. When I worked in the hospital I used to love it when I’d walk onto the ward and I hear a patient say ‘oh I’m glad it’s you today!”

My journey into aesthetics began in 2016. By this point I had two baby girls (only 14 months apart). I was working full time night shifts on the ward and working opposite shifts to my partner who is a fire fighter. At this time life was tough, I was tired and drained. I knew I needed to leave the hospital, that’s when I became a practice nurse. What I loved most about being a practice nurse was that I was able to really get to know my patients. Which is something I now feel about my clients.

I loved being a practice nurse but I knew I had something more to offer. I knew there was something more for me out there. I started to look at other Jobs and roles I could do, jobs which would allow me to use my nursing skills. But deep down I always knew I want to run my own business in order for me to work around the girls. So I spent months looking at my options. Incidentally, it was at this time that I started to notice the odd wrinkle, and the bags under my eyes. Lack of sleep was taking its toll. So I started to look into having treatments for myself.

As I was trying to find a practitioner I realised that so many people were setting themselves up as ‘aesthetic practitioners’. It wasn’t clear what qualifications they had but they were mainly beauticians. What I found most disturbing was that most of the practitioners did not appear to make it obvious that they were not medical. I believe that this is still the case.

At this point I had moved into sexual health which meant a lot of my patients were young girls and it seemed the majority of them were having lip fillers. What shocked me the most was that most of them had no idea if their practitioner was medically qualified or a beautician and even more shocking a lot of them hadn’t even completed any paper work, or even knew what filler had been used.

That was it then, this fuelled my desire to research and educate myself. I wasnt going to let any tom dick or Harry loose on my face. You will probably know how hard it is to find a decent trusted practitioner. Eventually I found someone. After my treatment I thought to myself, Omg I think I like this! I was buzzing of how it made me feel. I didn’t particularly look any different I just felt good about myself. I felt brighter, which made me feel better on this inside which in turn showed on the outside. I thought to myself I want to do this for people. I want to make them feel this good.

By this point I was already a prescriber so I decided to do my basic Botox and dermal filler training at Skin Viva in Manchester, that was in 2018 and I haven’t looked back since.

I’m so proud of how my business has grown. My clients come to me becuase they know I have been trained by the best and I’m highly professional.

My why:

I wake up every day and know that my tweakments change how people feel about themselves. I inject confidence and watch my clients glow. I love it when I get text messages like “I love my lips so much, I walked into the meeting and I smashed it I felt like Beyoncé!”

Or when I treat some one who has suffered with excessive sweating for 15 years and I can dramatically change their life. That’s what makes my heart sing.

I’m proud to be an aesthetics nurse.

Come and see what I can do for you.

Jess xx


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