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Welcome to the IVOVENTURI medispa,

we are a consultant surgeon-led medispa, specialising in non-surgical anti-ageing solutions with a strong emphasis in nutritional health and wellbeing.

Our mantra is “the journey to true and lasting beauty starts from within … with a little external help from Science and IVOVENTURI medispa”.

Our consultant surgeons, doctors and aesthetic therapist are at the pinnacle of their careers, they are considered to be the best in their field, using leading edge techniques and products we continually strive to offer you treatments that are results driven, proven and tested by us to deliver you a personalised and bespoke treatment plan.

As our treatment are mostly personalised to meet your particular needs, often combining different services, pricing is sometimes not possible to determine, until we have met you and discussed your goals.

We invite you to a complimentary consultation with our consultant surgeons, doctors or therapist to ascertain your requirements.

Our team is looking forward to welcoming you,

There’s always an herbal tea or a glass of chilled water, waiting for you.

Meet Your Practitioner



1C Brompton Place, London, SW3 1QE