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Giuseppe Serpieri

Giuseppe Serpieri


Dr. Giuseppe Serpieri

Dr. Giuseppe Serpieri is an Italian Vascular Surgeon, specialized in advanced technologies for cosmetic vein care and cosmetic medicine of the face and the body. He is the founder of the “Luxury Cosmetic & Vein Care Centre”, Torino, Italy. The Clinic specializes in the treatment of varicose veins and aesthetic medicine, such as skin revitalization and anti-ageing treatments, facial aesthetics, Macrolane, laser liposuction, needling, peels and Botox.

Dr. Serpieri’s practice is truly international, with 25% of his patients coming from European Union and from overseas, as Buenos Aires, Mombay and Sidney.

His practice includes celebrities in entertainment, politics and business.

He is quoted in Italian media outlets such as Chi, Donna Moderna, Vogue, Flair, Silhouette, ViverSani&Belli, Grazia, Top Salute, …

Dr. Serpieri’s Vein Centers offer the most innovative and effective procedures available for lower limbs vein surgery, both for functional and cosmetic complaints, providing the full range of venous vascular and endovascular procedures:

• Thermo ablative endovascular techniques such as Laser (EVLA) and RadioFrequency (ClosureFast), and endovascular mechano-chemical ablation (ClariVein® device) and Cyanoacrilate (VenaSeal® Sapheon device) for the treatment of saphenous veins valvular incompetence;

• Office-based varicectomy and microvaricectomy (hook avulsion) under local anesthetic;

• T.E.L.C. Technique© (Transilluminated Endovenous Laser Coagulation) for the treatment of “reticular or feeding veins”;

• Ultra Sound-guided sclerotherapy;

• EVRF (endovenous radiofrequency) and EVL (endovenous laser) ablation of Perforator veins;

• Microsclerotherapy for the treatment of thread veins;

Furthermore, cosmetic procedures for facial rejuvenation and body contouring are available (Botulin toxin type A, hyaluronic acid infiltration, Thread Lift, Macrolane breast augmentation, …).

He is fully registered with the UK General Medical Council-reference number 7418507


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