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Mary Munro

Mary Munro


Hi ! I'm Mary and I am Taunton Aesthetics based in Taunton Somerset. I have been nursing for 14 years, graduating from the The University of Manchester in 2007 with my Honours degree for adult nursing working in acute medicine. 

For the last 4 years i have specialised in the amazing world of medical aesthetics slowly growing my business on the side of my full time work but now here I am providing you lovely people my services full time! 

I have loved every minute of this career and found a hunger for more knowledge, skills and progression. I have graduated recently from the prestigious Dr Tim Pearce on a one of a kind Mastery Programme over a period of 18 months at Skin Viva in Manchester to which I have completed. This course has taken me to an exceptional level of quality, care and knowledge basing our treatments around the medical model for dermal filler and toxin related treatments. My next stage is my prescribing degree to which i hope to start next year. I am incredibly passionate, I listen, I laugh, I cry with you, and you will ! Aesthetics can change people from within, not just on the surface and that's why I love it so much !

So go on, come and have a chat, you won’t regret it!

I’m here for you when you’re ready!

Thank you for reading x Mary


Mary offers a professional and friendly service. She takes time to go through everything and puts you at ease. Would definitely recommend and am looking forward to my next appointment!

James M

Mary has been doing my treatments since December 2018. The treatments I have are facial peels, Botox and fillers. I am always extremely happy with the results. Mary’s knowledge and advice helps me make the right choices of treatments. I would highly recommend Mary.

Lisa G


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