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Hi ! I'm Mary and I am Taunton Aesthetics based in Taunton Somerset. I have been nursing for 13 years, graduating from the The University of Manchester in 2007 with my Honours degree for adult nursing working in acute medicine.

For the last 3 years i have specialised in the amazing world of medical aesthetics slowly growing my business on the side of my full time work but now here I am providing you lovely people my services full time!

I have loved every minute of this career and found a hunger for more knowledge, skills and progression. I am currently a student of the prestigious Dr Tim Pearce on a one of a kind Mastery Programme over a period of 18 months at Skin Viva in Manchester to which I am still training. This course will take me to an exceptional level of quality, care and knowledge basing our treatments around the medical model for dermal filler and toxin related treatments.

I am incredibly passionate, I listen, I laugh, I cry with you, and you will ! Aesthetics can change people from within, not just on the surface and that's why I love it so much !

So go on, come and have a chat, its totally free!

Thank you for reading x Mary

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