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Glowday is the UK’s fastest growing new marketplace for aesthetics treatments.

When you think about aesthetic treatments, you probably think it's solely for wannabe Love Island contestants, but actually, there are millions of normal women who include these treatments in their beauty regimes. With the market estimated to be worth £3bn in the UK alone.

There is, however a huge problem within the industry, that the government have refused to fix. The industry is totally unregulated. Anyone, without any medical knowledge or qualifications, can attend a weekend course teaching them how to administer these treatments, purchase unregulated and potentially dangerous products from unscrupulous suppliers, set up an Instagram page and be injecting by the following Monday.

This lack of regulation places the public at risk of severe complications, potentially even blindness.

This is why Glowday was founded. Glowday is a SaaS enabled marketplace connecting consumers with verified, trained and insured medically qualified aesthetic practitioners.

We connect the customer with the practitioner, through online profiles, reviews, before and after photos and a slick booking system, much like Airbnb. We connect the clinic with lots of lovely new clients and this year, we plan to disrupt the e-clinic software market, so that Glowday becomes the only client management tool practitioners will ever need. Later this year we’ll be ramping up our visibility through a nationwide TV and marketing campaign, with ambitions to become a household name.

We are looking for creative and talented Frontend and Backend Developers to join us. Sound fun? Read on...

We’re a startup, so you’ll be someone who can work autonomously and thrives in a fast-paced, flat structure. We’re building a product for consumers, that will be mass market and predominately used by women. We’re a flexible company, we don’t mind where you work from and how you do your job but we’re a small and nimble team so you should be someone who is confident with collaborating and communicating, yet able to crack on with your job in the comfort of your home! We’re happy to consider flexible working arrangements to fit in with childcare, school runs and living life – so long as the job gets done.

You will be required to meet with the teams regularly at various locations and it would help if you’re based in the Birmingham area to make this easy, but it’s not essential, so long as you don’t mind travelling a bit occasionally.

As well as technical skills, we want to build a strong multi-functional squad, the team of all teams, so your attitude is just as important as your capability. Positivity and humour go a long way in our business! But this does not mean conforming to any specific stereotype and people who have alternative views and who look at the world in different ways are welcomed. We're looking for developers with the right aptitude and attitude to help foster a first-class culture, where we'll be able to implement engineering practices to be proud of!

If this sounds like the kind of challenge and opportunity you'd relish we'd love to hear from you. We are seeking 3 dedicated developers to join our tight-knit team, who together using the latest development tools, will build a phenomenal cloud-native product.

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C# Fullstack/Backend Developer

Front-End Developer

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