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Would You Get Botox In Your Lips?

We’ve all heard of lip filler, but BOTOX FOR LIPS? Yep - the Botox lip flip has become a popular treatment in the world of aesthetics. But why would someone have Botox in their lips? What exactly is a lip flip? Is a Botox lip flip the same as lip fillers? The fantastic Dr Emmaline Ashley explains everything you need to know about this lip enhancement treatment.

What is the Botox lip flip?

The Botox lip flip is the practice of using a small amount of botulinum toxin in the muscles around the upper lip as a subtle enhancement. It can give the appearance of a fuller lip and relax a gummy smile.

There are two muscles that can be targeted, and these will give two slightly different results. One muscle is levator labii alaeque nasii muscle (that mouthful is the longest name of any muscle in the body!), and works to lift the upper lip. When this muscle is hyperactive, it can produce the effect of pulling the upper lip slightly above the gum line, giving the appearance of a “gummy smile.”

The other muscle is the orbicularis oris, which is a circular muscle that encircles our mouths and allows our lips to purse when we whistle. It can contribute to the appearance of smoker’s lines, and targeting this muscle can soften those lines as well as making the lip appear slightly fuller. By relaxing this muscle, we are reducing the tension on the upper lip, allowing it to relax upwards. This, in turn, creates a subtle pout. For example, it is common when we smile that our upper lip will thin dramatically, almost disappearing in some cases! Relaxing the orbicularis oris can help prevent that from happening.

An example of how using botulinum toxin in your lip muscles can subtly reduce the appearance of a gummy smile.

Can I have it?

A good candidate would be a patient whose primary concern is a gummy smile or who has very fine smoker’s lines, and who does not want to dramatically alter the shape of their lips. It’s important to note that deep lines present at rest will not be fully eliminated with botulinum toxin alone, and sometimes a combination of filler and toxin can produce the ideal final result.

What's so good about Botox in your lips?

The key benefits of the lip flip are that this is a quick and painless procedure, and doesn’t require any topical anaesthetic unlike lip filler. There is no downtime, and you will see the full results in about two weeks. The results will last about 3 months, so could be a good option for someone who is feeling hesitant about getting lip fillers which will last from six months to a year and can feel like a more permanent treatment.

Why might I get this and not lip filler?

If the concern is primarily a “gummy smile” or that your upper lip thins and disappears when you smile, and you are happy in general with the volume and shape of your lips, a lip flip can be perfect to address this. Additionally, the final result is more subtle than filler, and may be a good option for you if you don’t want to dramatically alter your lip shape. It’s important to remember that Botox targets the muscles, so the most impactful results will be seen when you are smiling or pursing your lips. A toxin treatment will not truly add any volume, so if that is your main goal, lip fillers may be a better option. However, a good lip injector will go through your options during a pre-treatment consultation.

So there we have it, what a clever treatment! Aesthetics is pretty cool isn't it.

Where can I get a lip flip?

You can book in for a consultation with one of Glowday's registered clinics. We show you clinics in your area who we have vetted and we have checked that they're medics, insured and adequately trained. We only list medically qualified aesthetic practitioners, meaning you’re in safe hands. You must always have a consultation before any treatment and all of our practitioners will insist on this. Why not see who is in your area!

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