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Aesthetics Is Booming!

Don't be confused by stories that suggest women might be turning away from wrinkle relaxing injections. Botulinum toxin treatments are absolutely booming!

If you're going to book a consultation for wrinkle relaxing, make sure you choose a qualified and accountable practitioner, like those right here on Glowday.

Toxin Is Big Business

Sales of the medicines used in wrinkle relaxing injections have never been higher. There has been an eruption in sales across the world post pandemic and it's not delayed demand, it's simply more people wanting more Botox!

"At this point, we're not seeing [growth] driven by pent-up demand as much as just fundamental demand," said Carrie Strom, a senior vice president at AbbVie who own Botox.

The Numbers Speak Volumes

U.S. sales of Botox — just the cosmetic version that is used to smooth out face wrinkles and not the version that is used to treat conditions like migraines and neck spasms — surpassed $1 billion in the first nine months of 2021, compared with $600 million in the first nine months of 2020.

Take that in a moment. ONE BILLION DOLLARS OF BOTOX SALES in America alone.

The Impact Of Social Media

The Botox manufacturers said that influencers promoting their brand on Instagram and TikTok are helping to attract new customers and the company said patients getting wrinkle relaxing injections are now younger. But, we're not talking twenty year olds. Strom said: "By younger I mean closer to 40 versus 50,"

Goodbye Frozen Faces!

Mirroring what Glowday is hearing from our practitioners, Abbvie company said there is a clear shift towards using wrinkle relaxing injections to prevent ageing or address ageing concerns in a natural and subtle way.

It appears that people are beginning to understand that great work is undetectable. That using injectables don't change your face or turn you into a crazed alien, they simply refresh and revitalise your natural features and make you look like you, on a good day - every day!

A gorgeous before and after, showing how natural, refreshing and subtle injectable treatments can be, by The Bloom Clinic.

Covid and wrinkle relaxing injections

The pandemic drastically reduced the number of people getting cosmetic skin treatments. But the rollout of the COVID vaccines and a larger, younger crowd willing to try wrinkle relaxing injections have led to swelling demand. It remains to be seen if the Omnicron emergence slowed it down again as people retreat from non-essential medical treatment.

To find a practitioner provider near you, hop over to our homepage and see who is in your area, or if you'd like more information on how anti-ageing treatments work, read our guide here.

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