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How To Banish Your Eye Bags!

What Are Eye Bags?

Most people will experience bags under their eyes and more often than not they are a temporary annoyance caused by lack of sleep or allergies; which are fairly easy to reverse with a quick 40 winks and some cold cucumbers.

However, as we age the tissue and muscle definition around the eyes starts to sag and fat that normally sits nicely around the socket sinks and sits below it, causing permanent eye bags.

So, cucumbers and make-up aside, what can we do to banish those bags?

Lymphatic drainage facial therapy is one option, and this works by massaging lymph nodes in the face and neck area to stimulate lymph fluid. This fluid contains white blood cells which improves blood flow and circulation, which in turn reduces water retention which can cause puffiness under the eyes. It also helps to filter out dead blood cells, which can reduce the appearance of dark circles. This more holistic approach to reducing puffiness and improving the look of the skin can also reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Other non-invasive treatments include Microneedling using a process called collagen induction therapy (CIT) which stimulates the body’s cells to produce more collagen and elastin and improve the look of the eye area.

Laser treatment can achieve a similar result although both may require a few trips to the salon before you notice significant results are fairly temporary measures that only last a few months.

Some people opt for injectable fillers which plump out the whole eye area to make the bags look less noticeable however if you are looking to completely remove the fatty bags then Mesotherapy could be the way to go. This is where fat-dissolving chemicals are injected into the area to completely remove the fat and improve circulation. The process needs some commitment and you can expect to be recommended a course of 2 – 4 treatments every 2 weeks however the results can last between 6 – 8 months.

If you fancy booking an appointment to get your eye bags fixed check out who we have in your area available on Glowday!

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