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Aesthetic Trends Uncovered: What is the Fox Eye Lift?

No matter what your views on it, there's one treatment that's been enormous this year. But what is the fox eye trend? How is it achieved? And why is it so popular? I spoke to Lucy Foster, AKA Aesthetics Nurse Lucy, to find out more...

Hi Lucy! What is the fox eye trend, and what are the main reasons people get this treatment?

The newest trend on the block within the aesthetics world - a look described as the ‘fox eye’, 'cat eye' or ‘designer eye’ - involves a cosmetic treatment which simultaneously lifts and elongates the upper eyelid, pulling the eye into a more almond shape, creating overall emphasis on the eyes.

As we age and our skin elasticity decreases, the effects of gravity will, inevitably, result in sagging brows - especially the lateral portion - resulting in a flat, droopy and what some people may convey as an ‘unattractive’ brow. In the past, a surgical facelift was the only option available for these types of concerns. However, today, due to the advancement of technology, there is a non-surgical option known as a thread lift.

There are different techniques used to achieve this look: PDO thread lifts, semi-permanent thread lifts and the Hybrid Mini Surgical technique. I’ll explain each of these in more detail.

The PDO thread lift is the most commonly used technique. These are dissolvable threads, which are inserted under the skin and pulled to lift and stretch the corner of the upper eyelid back towards the temples to create a more almond shape while simultaneously raising the brow tail. Aside from lifting the skin, the thread also stimulates the body’s healing process and initiates collagen production to the treated areas. Results are instant, which is always appealing to clients, and last between 6 months and a year, depending on the type of medical-grade thread used and the body’s natural metabolism.

Semi-permanent threads use a similar technique to PDO threads. However they have a much higher longevity, as the suture material is prone to degradation by the body with results reported to last between 2-3 years.

The Hybrid Mini Surgical technique has the greatest longevity of results and is done under local anaesthetic via a single hairline incision combined with lifting sutures to create a result that can last up to 5 years.

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Which celebs have made the fox eye trend so popular?

The fox eye trend has been seen on the likes of beautiful supermodels such as Bella Hadid and Kendal Jenner, so it is really no surprise that it’s become a most sought after look for many women (and some men) across the globe. Believe it or not, throughout the summer lockdown, it also became a viral Tik Tok challenge. Users were seen shaving off the outside half of their eyebrows to create the illusion of ‘fox-like’ eyes. Removing everything from the arch to the tail, before pencilling in a new straighter brow shape from their arches up toward their temples. Fortunately, this is an inexpensive, and less risky way of achieving the look – however, not something those who are precious of their eyebrows (like me) should try!

What do you think of the fox eye trend?

As an aesthetic practitioner who's fairly new to the game, I do appreciate the importance of rolling with the times, and keeping up to date with the newest trends and treatments on the block. However, on this occasion, my ethos of keeping my treatments as natural looking as possible for my clients takes stance, and it isn’t something I, personally, would consider offering in-clinic. As with all aesthetics treatments, the fox eye comes with its risks, such as pain, bruising and infection, but more invasive techniques, such as the Hybrid Mini Surgical technique hold greater risks for clients, such as foreign object rejection.

Do you think it's likely to stick around?

It's difficult to tell how big this will get with it being a relatively new treatment. Like many short-term trends, the novelty may wear off once clients consider the cost, longevity and risks associated. Especially as there are many other, safer, natural options available for clients who are concerned about the eye area, such as hyaluronic acid fillers for hollows under the eyes and clever botulinum toxin injections around the orbicularis oculi that can give the effect of a wide eye, refreshed appearance.

What should people consider before getting the fox eye lift?

If a client decides they want to get the fox eye lift, I’d suggest going to a reputable, medically qualified aesthetic practitioner who will explain exactly what the treatment entails and the potential complications that can occur with this type of treatment. Someone who will have the right qualifications to correct any issues that might happen. It’s a trend, but it’s important to remember that it’s a medical procedure - not something to be taken lightly. Always ask your practitioner if you can see before and after photos before getting a treatment.

Thanks so much, Lucy! Great chatting with you, as always!

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