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Maintaining an Income During COVID-19

The current situation is unprecedented. Nobody really knows what is going to happen, Whilst your doors are closed, how can you keep a trickle of cash coming in?

You have loads of happy clients. They love you! They love how you have made them feel over the years. They will be happy to support you. Not only that, they will be desperate to see you in a few weeks time. I, for one, am currently half way to looking like a Sharpei…I’m going to be desperate for my aesthetic nurse to be up and running once this whole thing is over!

In the meantime, they can help you and you can help them!


Your clients will be needing your help over the coming months. Their toxins are metabolising and their fillers are fading fast. And they will have time on their hands. Now is the perfect time to help them nail that new skincare regime.

You probably have shelves of products in your clinic. Highly effective products that actually deliver the claims they make, with active ingredients that give a lot of bang for the buck.

Usually, you’re probably too busy treating people to advertise these products. Now you can try to shift some of that stock, whilst ensuring that every tube of St Ives Apricot scrub is removed from circulation!

Ramp up your marketing of your skincare lines.Stock up on postage and packaging materials. Email your clients. Text them. Make your social feed about products that work for specific skin concerns.

Products like MailChimp can be used to easily bulk email newsletters and offers to all your clients.


To maintain income over the foreseeable future, consider advertising e-gift cards, removing the need for you to send anything out.


Consider offering pre-payment in weekly instalments for future appointments. This will help your clients budget for their future payments, will help fill your clinic when things settle down and will help with your cash flow during these uncertain times.

Make sure you keep track of who has paid what. Send them regular updates of how much they have saved and what proportion of each treatment this allows them to redeem.


When running offers for clients, ensure that you are not devaluing your skill and handwork.

Work out your minimum weekly financial requirements to keep your clinic ticking over. Tailor any digital offers to reach and exceed this amount.

e.g. to pay rent, rates and loans you need £2000

You decide to run a weekly 5,4,3,2,1 deal, first come first served, to be redeemed when the clinic opens in the future.

  • 5 x Lip filler at £200
  • 4 x Profhilo at £180
  • 3 x Microneedling facials at £150
  • 2 x Laser facials at £120
  • 1 x Chemical peel at £100

This would give you £2510 into your clinic to help keep it running whilst it’s closed.

NHS work

Now, more than ever, your education and training can be put to good use. You will have skills and experience that will be valuable in the current climate.

You may feel a little ‘out of the loop’ if you have been running an aesthetic business for a prolonged length of time. It might be an idea to shadow a colleague for a day, just to give you the confidence that you have all the skills and capabilities you need.

Refer a Friend

Whatever you choose to do, Glowday still plans to launch the first non-surgical aesthetics marketplace for medically qualified practitioners once COVID-19 has been sorted out.

What’s better, is that when you join, you get a unique link you can share with other practitioners. You will receive £40 for each practitioner who completes their Glowday profile as a result of your referral.

These are just some of the ways you can keep some cash coming in whilst social distancing is advised. If you have any others, head over to our Instagram page and let us know.

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