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Practitioner Spotlight during COVID-19: Austin Aesthetics

You told us you’d like to hear how other practitioners are managing with COVID-19. So, we’ve spoken to a few lovely people who have kindly shared their plans and thoughts during this strange time.

First up, we spoke to Nicky from Austin Aesthetics.

Nicky, are you still seeing clients?

I am honouring treatments that have already been booked (courses and follow-ups). I'm taking everyone on a case-by-case basis and working out whether the benefits outweigh the risks. I'm screening people before their treatment and putting a lot of trust in them.

Is there still demand?

I have had a couple of cancellations from people unsure if they can justify the expense, and I've encouraged them not to pay for things at this time if they're unsure about their financial situation.

How do you see it panning out for you?

I will probably stop if Outpatients closes (I work some hours in OPD). If I do close, I'll be doing more NHS work. I'm currently taking my independent prescribing course, self-funded, and this has moved to online teaching, so I'm taking that one day at a time too and will try to get my practice hours in wherever possible, because I think I will be needed in a few months time in a prescribing capacity for the NHS.

How do you think practitioners can help themselves during this time?

I think we can help ourselves by continuing to reach out to our followers and connect with people to pick up where we left off when we are hopefully out of the other side of this.

And how can practitioners help one another?

We can help each other by keeping each other sane during this turbulent time!

We are already pulling together more within the private Facebook groups and continuing to reach out to each other via social media to show support, give reassurance and to help with advice.

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