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Microdermabrasion boosted my skin and my confidence

Microdermabrasion is an effective treatment for a whole host of skin issues, and more young men are choosing it as a treatment for acne. I chatted with Glowday's very own James Symonds to talk about how his experience with microdermabrasion helped clear up his blemishes and greatly boosted his skin confidence.

Why did you choose to have microdermabrasion?

I started getting spots when I was a teenager and I’d been to my GP and tried various different creams, prescribed medicines and topical solutions throughout the years - but, they didn’t really do much. My face was pretty covered with blemishes - and my body was too - so, I decided to move onto trying different types of skincare, natural products and whatever I could find in pharmacies - but, these didn’t work either. By this point, I was very frustrated, and my skin was getting worse - so, I jumped on the internet and started reading about what treatments were out there. That’s when I discovered microdermabrasion and found a place nearby where I could have it done.

What was your skin like before microdermabrasion?

My skin looked exactly like a starry night - there was not a single inch of skin that didn’t have spots on it. My acne started on my forehead and then spread down my face. I had lots of small pustules on my cheeks and my forehead had lots of discolouration and light scarring from previous blemishes, too. And I also had red patches on my face with some scarring. I would steam my face every night and I remember using lots of products from Lush which I’d leave on for ages to try and help.

James before and after his microdermabrasion treatment.

What was your microdermabrasion experience like?

After a bit of research, I realised that, for microdermabrasion to work, I’d need to have a series of treatments. So, I booked them all out and had about ten weeks’ worth of treatments. Each week I’d go and have this amazing facial that would last about 45 minutes. It was always really enjoyable.

The microdermabrasion device was like a tube and it felt like someone had a hoover and was rolling it over my face. I could feel the suction from the vacuum, but it was completely painless. My practitioner would also combine the microdermabrasion with some light therapy, and we’d alternate between blue and red LED light for the antibacterial benefits. And then she’d follow up with some serums and sometimes extract blackheads. It was so pleasant - in fact, you could shut your eyes and fall asleep. It was very relaxing and soothing - I maybe dozed off once or twice.

What were the microdermabrasion results like?

I remember that directly after a session, I always had squeaky clean skin and it was lovely. Every week it felt like the skin that had been hoovered, so to say, had been cleaned out and sterilised. It always felt nice after.

After the course of treatments, the blemishes weren’t 100% gone, but they were definitely reduced. It wasn’t like at the end of the 10 weeks I had perfect skin, but I absolutely think it helped with the scarring of the spots I had. And over the next six months, my skin got progressively better and I got compliments on it, too. It was like wiping the slate clean and my face started regenerating great, new skin. I was still getting spots because that’s natural, but it definitely gave me a fresher canvas. I am very glad I had it done, and I’d have it done again and would recommend it to people.

Did the treatment boost your confidence?

Yeah, massively. You’re always self-conscious when you’re young, but you’re especially self-conscious when you’ve got something you’re insecure about. I’ve still got spots on my body today, which I’m fine with because they’re not on show, but your face is the first thing people see. So, microdermabrasion massively boosted my confidence.

At the end of the treatments, I could see my forehead, in particular, had really improved - so much so, I changed my haircut. I used to style my hair forwards, covering my forehead, but after my skin cleared up, I started to show more of my face.

How long did the microdermabrasion results last?

I would say the instant feeling of cleanliness lasted for a week or two. After the last treatment, I thought about having a few more - but, my practitioner felt like we’d done enough. From the first treatment to the last, there was definitely a difference in my skin - it just looked healthier at the end of 10 weeks. And I experienced really great results down the road - about 6 months later - and that’s when I was like “ooh that really paid off”.

Would you have any other aesthetic treatments in the future?

I’d maybe be up for trying laser therapies or anything that can help with skin resurfacing and scars - they’re treatments I would consider. I’d mainly want to try something for my back, but also my face because everyone wants perfect, flawless, porcelain skin. I’d look into any skin treatments and I wouldn’t rule out a chemical peel.

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