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Miranda Pearce and Her New DCAM Course

If you’re an aesthetic practitioner and have not heard about Miranda Pearce, I’m not sure where you’ve been?

Likewise, if you’ve not heard about her new e-learning marketing course being released this week, well…are you even an aesthetics practitioner?

Read on to find out more about Miranda and her Dream Customer Attraction Method, which launches at 8pm on Thursday 27th May.

So, who is Miranda Pearce?

Miranda founded SkinViva Clinic in Manchester in 2008, alongside her husband, Dr Tim Pearce. She is a mindset and marketing guru who has made it her mission to help aesthetic practitioners succeed. Miranda has lived this journey.

After being made redundant as a complaints manager in the public sector, Miranda worked alongside Dr Tim, managing his diary part time whilst working as a customer services director. The embryonic business weathered the storm of the global financial crisis so much so that by the April 2008, Miranda was managing Dr Tim’s diary across 20 salons. Through a global financial crisis, SkinViva had managed to grow and sustain a healthy customer base.

In 2011, SkinViva was in the position to bring two more team members on board. In 2013, the SkinViva Training School was launched.

In October 2016 Miranda set up her own Instagram account, and started consistently writing and posting honest, candid posts. Her own personal brand began to grow. From this, she created the Mindset Warriors group on Facebook - a safe and inclusive group with over 4500 medical aesthetic practitioners.

Miranda shares her journey candidly on her social media account. She has taught herself the principles of marketing and has successfully put them into action, for SkinViva, SkinViva Training School, Dr Tim Pearce’s e-learning, her mindset events, her mentees and her own personal brand. She practices what she preaches and has distilled everything she knows about attracting new customers using social media into her new Dream Customer Attraction Method (DCAM) eLearning Course.

Who is DCAM for?

DCAM has been created especially for aesthetic clinicians who feel lost in their marketing and do not know what to do next. DCAM is ideal for those who worry about what to post on social media every day, wonder if they are posting the right thing when it all seems a bit hit and miss, and more importantly cannot understand why their social media posts are not converting into bookings.

Many aesthetic clinicians feel frustrated by the sheer volume of competition within the aesthetic sector and wonder how they can stand out from the crowd. They see other aesthetic clinicians smashing it on Instagram and worry that they are never going to be able to compete; I want to show them that they can

What do I get when I sign up to DCAM?

Set over three core principles with twenty-five modules, DCAM aims to help aesthetic clinicians master their marketing and take their social media game to the next level. By following a step-by-step eLearning approach, using masterclass videos alongside exercises to complete in a downloadable workbook, trainees will implement their learning and reach their goals. The course package of downloadable MP4 and PDF materials also includes a done-for-you treasure chest of content ideas, a marketing essentials tool kit, advertising regulation guidance, an engagement rate calculator, sales conversion scripts, access to a closed Facebook group, and much more.

In the DCAM course, I am teaching aesthetic clinicians how to fish”, said Miranda. “I am not giving them a fish. I am teaching them the fundamental principles of marketing – how to grab attention, how to keep it through a story, and how to call out for an action from their customer. These principles can be applied anywhere, on any social media platform, but Instagram is the popular choice to master, so this course teaches clinicians how to get the most out of Instagram using these principles, including mastering feed posts, stories and using hashtags, as well as Instagram Reels, Live, and IGTV.

Where can I find out more?

Miranda is launching her DCAM course during a free marketing webinar going live at 8pm on 27th May where she will be dishing up some some great marketing secrets. You can register here:

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