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My Love Affair with Lip Fillers

Lip Fillers. They get a bad press, fuelled by rogue practitioners injecting with cheap formulas. But for many women, who see medically-qualified practitioners, lip fillers are a game-changer and real confidence booster. Here, Lisa Greenfield, a business analyst from Newport, tells us how lip fillers have changed her life.

I first had lip fillers in 2016 and have been having them topped up ever since. I've been self-conscious about having no lips since I was a teenager and discovered make-up. I love make-up but always felt I couldn't wear lipstick as it drew attention to their thinness, so I just didn't wear any and compensated with eye make-up instead.

A colleague had hers done and convinced me it would not hurt and to go for it. I have always said it was something I would do if I could, so it's just that it's become more affordable for me and doable.

My first treatment was 1ml of Juvaderm and I was disappointed that I needed to go back again for another 1ml to get the look I'd hoped for. But my lastest top-up was at Allure Aesthetics in Abergavenny, a clinic I adore. Roisin is such a pro and lovely too! Roisin recommended I have 1ml of Perfectha. This hurt a bit more but the results were way better and it was totally worth it. It's also lasted much longer and I'm only now thinking about going back again and it’s been almost two years!

I wanted it to look like I had these lips naturally and not that I'd had filler injected. I feel this is the look I have ended up with. I am not into the oversized, blown-up lips look and it’s a shame that’s what most people associate with lip fillers - it puts them off. We need to see more positive stories like me in the press. I have an amazing lipstick collection now!

I've genuinely never thought that me having lip fillers - or any treatment - is unfeminist. I understand the argument that I shouldn't feel I need to change my face but I want to! It’s something I've always felt self-conscious about and I have the ability to change it, so why wouldn't I? There are so many things in our lives that are out of our control but this isn't one of them! And I really do love my lips - like REALLY love them!

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