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Frightened of Fillers?

Speak to any woman who hasn't had fillers and we're all terrified of fillers. More so than Botox. Fillers have become feared because we see too may photos of celebrities who have had too much and turned into puffed-up versions of themselves, with eyes sinking to the back of their heads, and an inability to produce any kind of expression - I know what you think, anyone who has fillers ends up looking like Joan Rivers!

Do Fillers Ruin Your Face?

With such negativity around dermal fillers, it seems like it should be a no-go treatment. I'm pretty sure most of us just discount it immediately as we don't quite believe that it won't make us look insane. I know it's true as I had the very conversation with a Mum mate at the school gates. We got chatting about ageing, feeling haggard, looking tired and Botox and fillers. She knows I work with Glowday and asked me what would help with her hollow eyes and jowls. Now, I'm no medical pro but I know enough that dermal fillers could be one potential option. Her nose scrunched up and she made a 'mmmmmm' sound and then said; 'But they're bad aren't they? You end up looking fake and weird - everyone would know - I'd look worse than I do now'.

How my friend thinks she'll look after some fillers. Sorry Joan, it's not for us - but you're still a legend!

Will You Look Worse Than You Do Now?

No! Fillers will do the exact opposite and address those things that bother you (perhaps not even bother you, but you'd simply prefer not to have them!).

Fillers, when done properly by a medically qualified, experienced practitioner, are absolutely fantastic and considered a safe treatment.

You'll only know this to be true when you see the before and after photos of other patients who have had fillers in their face, so check the before and after photos on Glowday or ask your chosen practitioner to see more (trust me, they'll have hundreds in their camera roll).

The paradox is that you will probably say 'Oh I don't really see any difference...' but you can bet your last pound that the person in that photo will absolutely notice the difference. That's the whole point about good aesthetics work and good fillers. Other people won't really notice. They may well comment that you look good, or fresh or healthy - that you skin looks great - but it is highly unlikely they will say 'oh she's had a load of fillers done'.

Trust me, most of the famous women over 30 who you think look amazing for their age and you can't believe how great their skin is, have probably had great fillers.

This patient had filler injected in her nose, cheek and chin.. does she look fake or puffy? Nope, she looks incredible! Thanks to the skill of Dr Jessica at Dr Jess Aesthetics

Too much filler, too soon

So yes, there is a concern about about “over-fill" and with lips the “trout pout” or the Simon Cowell/Courtney Cox “pillow face” and it's almost unbelievable that they have access to the best practitioners in the world and still end up looking ridiculous. This is either the fact that the practitioners aren't all that good after all or they simply don't say no - because of who they are.

Simon definitely should have not been sent through to the next round.

The big lips we see ? The botched jobs? These horror stories have been widely reported in the media and the one common thread between cases is that the treatment was carried out by unqualified beauty therapists or, even worse, self-injected at home.

Where your lips are concerned, Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither are natural-looking, plump, hydrated lips! If you have thin, small lips to begin with, 3ml of filler in one sitting will look and feel uncomfortable. The best approach is one of little and often. 0.5ml - 1ml of lip filler administered initially. Then again 4-6 weeks later, and so on, until you have achieved the look you want.

How Much Is 1m Of Lip Filler?

The image below shows 0.5 ml lip filler on spoon compared to 1ml of filler and 2ml of filler. It might not look like a look but a little bit of filler goes a long way!

Not all fillers are created equal

The most popular fillers used in the UK contain hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in the skin. Hyaluronic acid fillers are a gel-like substance that creates volume in the skin to give a hydrated, plump look.

Such fillers commonly used include brands such as Juvéderm®, Belotero®, and Restylane®. These fillers are metabolised by the body, so their effects last between 6 and 18 months. They can also be dissolved, quickly, but only using a prescription-only product. Hyaluronic acid fillers are the filler of choice for most aesthetic practitioners.

Practitioners will use different versions of fillers for different jobs. The filler they fill the hollowness under your eyes with, could be different from the filler they use to support your cheeks. Different fillers will have different consistencies. Placement is key as is practitioner who really knows what lies beneath the skins surface. You want someone pretty well versed in all things anatomical. You don't want someone who has worked in the bank for four years and suddenly decided to become an aesthetics practitioner after doing a weekend course in lip fillers. Yes, you've got the message. GO TO A MEDICAL PRO.

Rarely do clients report serious side effects with these fillers, but you will likely experience redness, swelling and bruising at the injection site for a number of days post-treatment.

What other types of dermal filler exist?

Some fillers are made from substances not found naturally in the body. These include products such as Radiesse® and Sculptra®, which, again, can result in redness and bruising at the injection site. They tend to last much longer than hyaluronic acid fillers, but they cannot be dissolved, so if you don’t like the effect, removing them is more difficult.

Finally, you may have heard of collagen fillers. These aren’t widely used at all anymore, primarily due to the fact that most were derived from cow collagen, and often produce allergic reactions.

One other thing...don't be afraid to make sure your practitioner is using CE or FDA-approved products. Ask to see the packaging and product, ask them questions about it. Google it if you have to! You're the patient, you are in control.

There are lots of imitations on the market and you DO NOT want these in your face, but it would be extremely rare and unusual for any of the medical professionals on Glowday to be using unlicensed products. If we found out they were, they would be instantly removed from our platform.

Pay for the skill, not the ml

Prior to any filler treatment, you should have a face-to-face consultation with a medically qualified, appropriately trained and registered practitioner who is able to safely carry out the procedure. She or he will advise you on the amount of filler required and will usually recommend starting with small doses first.

I know we keep banging on about it, but please choose a medically qualified practitioner! They will know exactly where to inject to ensure safety, and, should anything unexpected occur, they will be able to quickly resolve any complications.

So, what’s the take-home message about fillers?

That you shouldn't fear them! They are fanbloodytastic!

Fillers are an incredible tool to pause Old Father Time and his impact on facial volume loss. They are also amazing for sorting out crooked noses (non-surgical nose jobs), dark eyes (tear trough) jawlines (jawline filler - AKA jawline augmentation) and thin lips (lip fillers) - BUT only when administered by medically qualified, highly experienced, aesthetic professionals.

Not only will they take their time in a consultation to explain the whole treatment plan and the associated risks, but they will be more than able to deal with any potential complications, swiftly and easily. And, they will use the best products available and administer them in a gentle and subtle way.

Book your lip fillers, jawline fillers, cheek fillers, non-surgical nose job or tear trough fillers now on Glowday. We only list medically qualified practitioners, so you'll be in safe hands!

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