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Practitioner Spotlight: Angela Kerr

As part of the Glowday Practitioner Spotlight series, I recently met with the lovely Angela Kerr, owner of AK Aesthetics on the famous Rodney Street in Liverpool. She gave me the lowdown on what’s big in the aesthetics industry, what it takes to get really great skin, and why it’s important to do your research when it comes to choosing an aesthetic practitioner.

Hi Angela! What are the current trends in aesthetics?

At the moment, I would have to say that lips are still a huge trend, but I think we’re also seeing a lot more treatments coming through. With Instagram and the various filters available, skin care is huge and people are looking for flawless skin like never before. So, younger women - rather than focusing on treatments such as Botox and fillers, like they did in the past - are coming to the clinic for more skin-based treatments, such as microneedling, chemical peels, dermaplaning and others that mean they can leave and go straight out with great-looking skin. This seems to be a trend that we will continue to see for quite some time.

What’s the secret to great skin?

When it comes to great skin, the secret is adopting a good regime. You’ve got to find one that suits your skin needs, stick to it and really understand what you’re using. It’s one thing to buy a product but if it isn’t doing anything beneficial, there’s simply no point. At my clinic, we ensure that we talk to our clients about their skin type and aim to get them involved in looking after it. Skin care can’t be hit and miss; it has to be a routine for it to be effective.

Which celebrity do you think looks amazing, and why?

I’d have to say Jennifer Aniston, because at 50 years of age she looks incredible. I wouldn’t say she hasn’t had anything done, because, clearly, she has, but she carries it well and has done it naturally. She seems to have a very good regime in place and I think she looks after herself. Unfortunately, there are so many celebrities out there - not naming names - who do go over the top, but she just blends in so well. She’s a great role model for every age really.

What’s your top tip for finding a great practitioner?

In my opinion, the key to finding a top practitioner is to really do your research. Even just picking up the phone and speaking to the practitioner will give you a general feel for whether they are right for you. I would only ever do a face-to-face consultation, as opposed to an over the phone one, as it’s a much better way to get a good idea of a client’s concerns and skin type.

If a practitioner is honest and ethical, chances are they will be right for you. I would always tell someone the truth if I didn’t think a treatment they were interested in was the right one for them. I’d always explain why and offer alternatives that would be better suited to them. And it’s so important that practitioners do this as we have a duty of care.

Researching the practitioner, looking at their qualifications and making sure they are able to do what they say they can is essential. Looking at before and afters, testimonials and reviews is also advisable before booking an appointment.

Thanks, Angela! That's great advice - we completely agree.

You can find safe, medically qualified aesthetic practitioners here on Glowday. Book now and get glowing!

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