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Practitioner Spotlight: Natalie Haswell

Next up in the Glowday Practitioner Spotlight is the lovely Natalie Haswell. Prescribing Aesthetics Nurse Specialist and founder of Haswell Aesthetics, not to mention Clinical Mentor and practitioner at the Gild Clinic and at Harley Academy, London. To say she’s a busy lady is an understatement, so we are thrilled she found time to answer our questions!

How did you get make the transition from NHS into aesthetic medicine?

I wanted to expand my knowledge and specialise but was not sure where or how. I had reached a very high level in the NHS and I wanted to try something different but not waste all my years’ experience and medical qualifications. I looked into Harley Academy London, attended a foundation day and was blown away by the passion for the field from the trainers, career flexibility, independent working and artistic angle to science and aesthetic medicine.

We are big fans of the guys at Harley Academy!We are part way through the pandemic.Hopefully ‘lockdown’ will be relaxed and we can return to the new normal.What will that look like for you?

I will not be returning to “normal”! I will be working smarter not harder. I’ve worked hard and now I’ve made changes I need to ensure I keep them moving forward. I have a few new exciting things coming to the clinic in 2020/2021 to take my services and patient results to the next level and I cannot wait!!

It sounds exciting! And like you have adapted and are ready to hit the ground running! What have you missed most during this weird time?

Teaching and seeing people! Clients, patients, students at the academy and colleagues. I’m a huge people person and I need space and to be around people doing anything I can to help make them feel happy and confident. It’s what drives me everyday. Hence the huge amount of lives I have scheduled!

We've loved your lives here at Glowday. Always authentic and informative. What's also apparent is that your view mirrors that of other practitioners, it is a career that you guys genuinely LOVE! What is it that you most look forwards to, professionally and otherwise, once this has passed?

Making people feel confident and beautiful again. And taking my children out. Swimming, taking my son to football and my daughter to gynmastics. The simple things!

When clinics open, it is likely that they will not operate as they previously did, as social distancing protocols will need to be adhered to.What changes do you anticipate having to make to the day-to-day running of your clinic?

I already schedule long appointments and try not to rush my clients. I will have one person at a time in clinic and advise all clients to wait until they see someone leave or I will call them to come in. Obviously, I’m a registered nurse, so infection control is imbedded in my working life for the past 18 years and so I will continue this alongside all the government recommendations. I currently have a 3 year 0% infection rate, so rest assured I aim to keep high standards. Hand washing and alcohol gel is a must, as always!

That’s an incredible record! Well done! It seems like aesthetic clinics are perfectly suited to being some of the first businesses who can safely open sooner rather than later. Let’s hope that is the case.

Overall, how are you feeling about the future?

I’m excited! I needed a break and to catch up with myself and business plans. Everyone was saying so, but as a woman who has her own business, 2 children, a dog and a teaching job in London, it takes hard work and it always will.

I needed to spend time with my children and slow down a bit, so it came at a great time for me personally to be honest, although not ideal that it took a global pandemic!

During lockdown, many clinics have diversified, switching to e-consultations and a focus on skincare.What is your own skincare routine?

Each day I cleanse, exfoliate, use vitamin C and pigmentation control serums, followed by a moisturiser and SPF.

Three times a week I apply a 1% Retinol and an AHA renewal serum on the other nights.

Once a week I have a deep exfoliation with a scrub and enzyme peel at home.

Once a month I have a combined dermaplane, microneedling and peel treatment.

It sounds like you have skincare sewn up!And if you could only recommend one product, what would it be and why?

Daily SPF. Protects against Skin cancer, pigmentation, free radicals, pollution, flare ups of skin conditions like rosacea, ageing, fine lines and wrinkles.

Perfect! Thank you for taking the time to feature in the Glowday Practitioner Spotlight series. We can’t wait to help you welcome new clients!

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