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Face Wipes Will Make You Look Older!

Do you throw a packet of face wipes in your basket every time you're in Boots or Tesco? Are they your go-to for taking your makeup off? Sigh. Bad news. They're absolutely awful for your skin. Why? Read on.

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Facial wipes are on the shelf of every supermarket and drugstore, marketed as quick and convenient - a speedy swipe and you’re done. Makeups’s off, skin is clean. But, in reality, we should all be stepping away from the face wipes and, instead, opting for a proper cleanser. Why? We spoke to skin pros Charine Patel of Bisous Clinics and Antoinette Hamilton of Antoinette Hamilton Aesthetics to find out!

What’s so bad about face wipes anyway?

The problem is that face wipes contain certain ingredients that are harsh on the skin. So, you might think you’re cutting down on the amount of time you have to spend on your skincare routine but, actually, you could be causing more issues to your skin that will lead to having to use more products. Worth it for a 10 second swipe? No way!

According to aesthetic nurse Antoinette Hamilton, “face wipes may seem like a quick and effective step in a skincare routine but, on the whole, they do more damage than good, and they don’t actually clean the skin effectively. Such wipes usually contain perfumes and preservatives that can cause severe dryness and irritation, and the frequent rubbing can contribute to over exfoliation. What’s more, they create a whole lot of waste, which is no good for our environment, so do the right thing and put the wipes down.”

Charine Patel, cosmetic practitioner at Bisou Clinics agrees. She explains, “face wipes and makeup wipes are a lazy way of removing your makeup. Is it better than leaving it on? Debatable!

Makeup wipes rub the bacteria and dirt into your pores, which can lead to breakouts and blackheads, whilst the pressure applied to remove the makeup with the wipes can, inevitably, cause premature ageing of the skin.”

Your face wipes are making you look old!

Wait, did she just say ‘premature ageing’?!

Yup! And there’s more.

Charine continues, “I recently started using the PCA Skin daily cleansing oil to remove my makeup, followed by a facial wash to cleanse the face. Use a cleansing oil to prevent the drying out of your skin, and gently massage it all over your face, making sure to cover your entire face right up to the hairline.

Since ditching the wipes and following a good skincare routine, I have definitely noticed an improvement in skin quality. Now is the time to step away from the wipes - especially as face masks are skin-irritating enough!”

And you can’t argue with that! So, next time you’re tempted to give your face a quick wipe - remember the hours - if not months of skin distress you could be facing. It’s not time-saving, it’s just plain damaging.

If you're looking to take your skincare routine to the next level, book in with a pro near you.

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