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The At-home Chemical Peel for Lockdown: PCA Skin Micro Peel

Missing your favourite chemical peel? This year has been tough, right? And if you’re in the habit of going for regular skin peels, you’re likely counting down the weeks until your next one. Chemical peels are fantastic at doing so many great things for our skin, and you might have noticed that since being in lockdown, your skin has taken a step backwards in terms of the way it looks and feels. Thankfully, though, there are some incredible at-home treatments that can be used to give our skin the boost it needs between now and...well, who knows when. One of these is the PCA Skin Micro Peel at-home kit. Curious to find out more? So was I! Let’s take a look...

What is the PCA Skin Micro Peel at-home kit?

So, while you may have a great skincare routine, chances are you’re desperate to get back to your post skin peel glow! You might have previously steered clear of at-home peels due to the fact that there are so many different strengths out there - how do you even know where to start without burning your face off?!

But the PCA Skin Micro Peel at-home kit is pretty much a skin saver during lockdown! Perfect for while we can’t get to our favourite skin magicians - or even if you’ve never tried a chemical peel before - it’s a great way to keep your skin looking good during lockdown - and it’s fantastic for a range of skin concerns.

Who is the PCA Skin Micro Peel for?

Whether you have dry, sensitive, normal, oily or combination skin, you can use the PCA Skin Micro Peel. And it’s really good at working on skin concerns like acne, ageing, discoloration - or if you’re just wanting a preventative solution.

PCA Skin Micro Peel at-home kit benefits (and what it includes)

So, why might you do a PCA Skin Micro Peel at home? Well, one key benefit is that it can actually strengthen and smooth skin texture. Nice, right? Due to its powerful use of antioxidants, it also helps reduce the appearance of signs of ageing (you know the culprits - lines and wrinkles) AND even helps prevent them. Not just this but it also works to brighten the skin, with immediate effect, and minimise discoloration. If all of that sounds fabulous to you, you’ll probably want to know the steps to new and gorgeous skin. So here they are…

3 steps to glowing skin

The nice thing about the PCA Skin Micro Peel at-home kit is that it consists of just 3 steps - so no need to worry about spending hours and hours trying to achieve the skin you desire.

Step 1: Cleanse and Prep

The first step in your PCA Skin at-home peel journey is to remove any makeup, dirt and impurities with the PCA Skin Facial Wash. There’s nothing like a nice fresh base to start off on. It’s worth noting that the cleanser is gentle, so you won’t need to worry about sensitivity. After cleansing, there’s the Hydrating Toner to make sure you’re free of debris. It also serves - as the name suggests - to hydrate your skin before using the Detoxifying Mask - a charcoal mask that soaks up oil and any excess impurities. Lovely!

Step 2: Treat

So, that’s the cleansing and prep work done, now on with the peely great bit (sorry!). Step two consists of PCA Skin’s Enzymatic Treatment - a superficial peel alternative that includes enzymes and AHAs to brighten, strengthen and create glowing skin. Ahhh that sounds so good right now!

Step 3: Correct, hydrate and protect

The final step in the PCA Skin at-home peel journey is to look after your skin once the peel’s over. To do this, the skincare company has provided a gorgeous rejuvenating serum (I love anything with the word ‘rejuvenating’ on it!), which helps tackle those pesky signs of ageing and give your skin that extra bit of glow factor. This is followed by ReBalance - a light and nourishing moisturiser that calms and soothes. Then, the last bit is, of course, the Daily Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 - a super important product to use after this or any other peel that’ll keep you safe from UVA and UVB rays.

Of course, the at-home peel kit comes with instructions and warnings, which you should read before starting the three-step process. This is really important! For example, you'll want to avoid if you're pregnant or breastfeeding, have an allergy to any of the ingredients in the kit, are taking medications for skin conditions, such as Accutane or Roaccutane, or you suffer with psoriasis or cold sores. You can also chat with your local PCA Skin-loving practitioner to find out whether they think it’s suitable for your skin before use. You can find out more about the kit and your nearest PCA Skin professional here.

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