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The Influencers Loving Glowday: Laura Lou

People who use Glowday tell us they love it! *blush*. We’ve been getting some proper lovely reviews from customers who have found their dream treatment and perfect practitioner using Glowday to find and book their appointment.

Galvanised by the positive reviews we are getting, we thought to ourselves ‘How can we spread the word about Glowday? How can we tell more people about what we do?’ We want anyone who is interested in non-surgical aesthetic treatments such as wrinkle relaxing, chemical peels, lip fillers, microneedling and liquid nose jobs, to know they can find someone safe and trustworthy on Glowday.

The answer was to ask a number of ‘influencers’ (people on social media who have a big audience and do great content!) to help us out.

Full disclosure, influencers are paid to do this kind of work all the time. For many it’s their career and they use their platforms in really helpful and entertaining ways. It works well for them and the brands and businesses who want their help raising awareness of their product or service. For us, the more people who know about Glowday, the more people we keep safe and prevent botched liquid nose jobs and dodgy lip fillers.

We had a few key requirements. We wanted to work with people who, despite having a big following, are down-to-earth, represent the people who Glowday is for (ordinary, everyday people who use aesthetic treatments to make them feel more confident and happy) and are relatable, authentic and genuine.

Meet Laura Lou!

Laura aka @lauraloumakeup ticked all of the boxes. A professional makeup artist, Laura is also Mum to the gorgeous Margot and enjoys making a thrifty chicken soup as much as she enjoys a bit of wrinkle relaxing. Laura was a great person to try Glowday as she's recently moved towns and wasn't sure who she could rely on to not mess up her face!

Laura says: "It’s something I’ve dabbled in for well over 12 years now and since moving out here to rural Dorset from London I had been finding it hard to find the right person for me, get recommendations or really known where to start looking."

I used Glowday to find a medically qualified professional near to me and it was super easy to book & find the right clinic. All you do is type in your postcode, what treatment you would like & wham-BAM you are provided with a list of clinics to choose from.

You can check the ratings, customer feedback & the medical background of the practitioner. Glowday do all the background checks to ensure every aesthetic practitioner on their books is properly trained, safe, insured & has a medical background (either a doctor, dentist or nurse practitioners). I had ‘my usual’ anti-wrinkle injections and I’m super pleased with the results and I’m feeling fresh AF and ready for many nights out in my lounge."

These are all Laura's own words, we didn't tell her what to say or how to say it, we just asked her to use Glowday to find someone and share her experience, and that she did! Love it.

Laura's before and after photo of antiwrinkle treatment - looking fresh and lovely! You can see the treatment is very subtle and natural and Laura just looks like the absolute best version of her beautiful self!

Who did Laura see for her wrinkle relaxing?

We are obviously thrilled that Laura had such a good experience using Glowday. She chose to have treatment with Emma Goldsmith at The Baggington Clinic, who is one of our faves! Indeed Emma was nominated for the Safety in Beauty Award and International Aesthetics Award and with over 21 years' nursing experience we knew Laura would be in very safe hands. Emma is an utter pro who is also friendly, down-to-earth, calm and confident. You can check out her profile here.

Fancy seeing who's near you?

If you feel reassured by seeing Laura's review (check out our Instagram page for @_Glowday to see Laura's stories in our highlights) then why not search Glowday and see if there's a practitioner who is right up your street!

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