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Injectables, Actually.

If you can't sing Perfect Moment, have never seen Love Actually or have no idea who Tiffany Mitchell is, then you're not going to be interested in this article about Martine McCutcheon having a bit of thing for injectables.

Always consult a medically-qualified professional before going ahead with any injectable treatment. Find someone in your area right here

The former EastEnders actress, West-End star and tea lady who snogged Hugh Grant in one of my all-time-favourite-Christmas-must-watch-films, has recently become the face of a medical aesthetics/cosmetic treatments clinic and as part of the deal, Martine has gone public about having a little wrinkle relaxing and allowed the cameras in to film it.

I think this is actually a pretty smart move from the clinic. While the Gen Z's won't have a clue who Martine is, most women in their prime (AKA slightly kneackered) will know her well and I suspect feel some nostalgic fondness towards her. She has a wonderful cockney accent, is a Mum, has put on weight, lost weight, put it on, and lost it again (I believe many of us identify with this!). She's sexy, gorgeous, a talented actor and we like her. And now she's admitted she gets anti-wrinkle treatments (most definitely in exchange for promoting the clinic) we like her even more. Hooray! You don't look that good without help! Brilliant!

Martine, 45, looking INCREDIBLE.

Kudos to this clinic for recognising Martine is an awesome ambassador. Martine doesn't look fake, weird, puffed up, plastic or strange. She looks like someone who is using aesthetic treatments wisely and with the perfect results. She is 100% still her, undeniably still Tiff. She looks youthful but also looks her age, just absolutely glorious for it!

What has Martine had done?

We suspect Martine is no stranger to a whole host of amazing non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Her skin is phenomenal so we suspect skin boosters like Profhilo will be talked about soon, and maybe she's dabbled with some chemical peels and microneedling. In her first video, we see Martine having Botox around her eyes, to treat the dynamic lines from all of her lovely smiling! While they won't vanish completely (which is good!) the clinician explains the wrinkle relaxers will slightly lift the area and smooth over the lines. Indeed, anti-wrinkle injections help relax muscles in the face, smoothing out lines and wrinkles, with treatment lasting around three to six months.

My Fair Lady

This isn't the first time Martine has dabbled with the treatment either. Reports from back in 2016 (how was this five years ago?) revealed then that everyone's favourite Eliza Doilittle had began dabbling in injectables.

She said: "When I had a really tough time being unwell it showed on my face a lot and I looked ravaged...I just looked in the mirror and thought I've always had nice skin, I always had a nice beautiful glow, and it has gone. So I had Botox and Oh my god, I loved it, I absolutely loved it, because it didn't look like I wasn't me anymore, I looked like me but not a creased pillow basically."

I almost clapped when I read this. Not only because she's honest, but because it gets right to the core of the misconception that Glowday relentlessly endeavours to change. Wrinkle relaxing, fillers or any other non-surgical aesthetic treatments, whether it's tear-trough fillers, chemical peels, lip fillers, or profhilo - are, for the most part and for most people, not about looking like someone else, or changing their face. They're about making that person feel like themselves again and to correct an aspect of their appearance that's making them not look and feel like themselves. These treatments do the opposite of what everyone assumes they do!

Setting the right example

Martine hits the nail on the head when she says "As I’ve matured, I’ve realised it’s all about making sure I feel good and confident in my own skin."

Confidence is everything, and no woman should feel ashamed or embarrassed about doing anything to boost their confidence. The cherry on the cake is that Martine is working with a medical aesthetic clinic, with properly trained and qualified practitioners who will have safety and a subtle and natural approach to everything they do. Just like the 900 clinics we have on Glowday!

You should ALWAYS have a consultation before going ahead with any injectable treatment. It's imperative you see a medically-qualified professional who will conduct this with you to ensure the treatment is right for you and you're right for the treatment. To make sure you're booking in with the right person, find and book a consultation using Glowday - we only allow medically qualified practitioners to list and we have checked and verified every single on.

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