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Can I Fly After I've Had Botox?

Is it me or is everyone in Dubai or skiing this month? If I see one more photo of The Palm or the Alps...lucky people! Anyway, travelling seems to be back with a bang colliding nicely with more people seeking aesthetics treatments such as Botox before they fly away. But, can you travel after having Botox? Let's discuss!

You’ve got your wardrobe and skincare ready, and, for those stubborn lines and wrinkles, maybe you’ve even been considering having an anti-wrinkle treatment. But now you’re wondering, “Is it safe to travel after Botox?” Well, in a nutshell, the answer is yes, but here are a few top tips if you are planning a trip, I'm sure come Easter the photos of Tapas, Sangria and smooth foreheads will be in full swing!

Can I travel after Botox?

Practitioners recommend waiting 24-48 hours before flying in case of minor side effects. Otherwise, it could be the case that you have swelling or bruising that you wouldn’t necessarily want in your holidays snaps.

Does travelling effect Botox?

Practitioners suggest avoiding exercise, excessive heat and alcohol for up to a couple of days after your treatment - and as these things (apart from exercise, obviously) go hand-in-hand with holidays it’s best to wait until you can properly enjoy them. I mean, what’s a holiday without sunshine and a cocktail?

While Botox is a relatively simple and risk-free treatment, people do occasionally experience side effects. For example, after anti-wrinkle treatment, some people experience headaches, drooping eyelids or drooping eyebrows. Be sure to read up fully on the side effects of Botox, and if you do experience any, contact your practitioner. A medically qualified practitioner will generally run through any side effects and risks before your Botox treatment so you know exactly what to expect.

Can I go skiing after Botox?

You're advised to wait a couple of days before doing any exercise after Botox, and I'm going to say skiing is exercise! You're also advised against touching your face for a good few days after you've had Botox, so you don't want to be putting a ski mask on and adding pressure to the areas where Botox has been injected. The reason why skiing and exercise in general isn't great after Botox, is that it gets your heart really pumping! This increases your blood flow and could mean that the Botox diffuses away from where it was placed - and potentially paralyse other muscles. It would be temporary but still, not fun. You should avoid excessive movement for the same reason, we don't want any migration of the Botox!

How long should I wait to travel after receiving Botox injections?

Another reason to wait a few days is that, while you should start to see the effects in 2-3 days, you might find that you don’t get the best results until 2 weeks down the line. So, you may end up looking extra amazing in photos from right at the end of your holiday, rather than right from the start. In terms of exercise, 24 hours is the ideal amount of time to wait but to play it extra safe, it's worth waiting up to a week before you break into a sweat. T

When should I have Botox if I'm going on holiday?

With all of this in mind, it is worth making sure your anti-wrinkle injection appointment is booked for - ideally - a few weeks ahead of your holiday. This should give swelling, bruising and other side effects chance to subside - and means you can sit back in the sunshine with a cocktail looking fabulous or enjoy that Aperol Spritz without any concerns, after hitting the slopes.

For the best possible treatment, always be sure to only book appointments with medically qualified practitioners. And on that note - if you're frantically googling "Botox near me" but not sure where to start, check out the hundreds of medically qualified aesthetic practitioners on Glowday. You'll be able to look at the experts' profiles and check out their Botox before and afters and reviews before making your choice.

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