How Long Does Botox Last: When to Top Up Your Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Whether you’re thinking about having Botox, you’ve already started your anti-wrinkle treatment journey, or you’re just Bo-curious, it’s important to know that it’s a treatment that needs to be repeated in order to maintain the great effects it can have on our dynamic lines. So, how long does Botox last? How often should you go and get your Botox topped up, and how much is too much when it comes to the anti-wrinkle injection? Let's take a look...

How long does Botox last?

As we’re all so different, it’s impossible to say exactly how long botulinum toxin - more commonly referred to as Botox - will last for you. It really comes down to how quickly your body metabolises it, which could be faster or slower than your best friend, sister or next door neighbour. Botox is broken down naturally in the body and metabolised through the liver and kidneys.

However, generally speaking, brands of botulinum toxins like Dysport, Vistabel and Botox last anywhere from 3-6 months. But you might find that its effects last longer or shorter for you. It also depends on the amount you’ve been administered and where on the body. So, I don’t want to go all “How long is a piece of string?” on you, but until you’ve had your first treatment, you won’t know for sure.

It’s also worth noting that Botox is not an immediate fix - and it can take up to a couple of weeks before you really notice any difference. Having said that, once it kicks in, you’ll likely be blown away by the results.

Botox face: How much is too much?

Here at Glowday, we’re all about treatments that are able to enhance our skin rather than dramatically change the way we look, so we recommend starting off slowly when it comes to Botox. Find a great medically qualified practitioner who really knows what they’re doing, look at their Botox before and after images, and listen to their recommendations about how much of the anti-wrinkle solution to use to get the best results for you. Your session should be tailored to you, and you should start off with a low amount of the botulinum toxin - because you can top it up, but you can’t take it away!

Botox can be very obvious if you have too much, resulting in the frozen Botox face, so keeping it simple and just slightly pepping up your already beautiful skin is all you really need to achieve great results. Anti-wrinkle injections should be subtle and still allow you to show expression - which we all need to do on a day-to-day basis. We have another great article that explains how to avoid the frozen look, which is worth a read.

Generally, as your Botox wears off, you will, slowly but surely, regain movement. Some people don’t even want to risk any movement, so they book in every 12 weeks, religiously. Others like to nip the movement in the bud as soon as they can raise an eyebrow, others prefer to go back to a fully natural look before they get their next Botox injection. None of these is ‘the right way’ to do Botox - your practitioner can advise which approach is best for you.

Discover more about anti-wrinkle injections in our handy treatment guide. And if you're interested in having a consultation to learn about the options available to takle frown lines, bunny lines, crow's feet or forehead lines? Why not book a consultation with a medically qualified practitioner in your area? Get glowing!

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