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What Are Chemical Peels? Glowday Video

Want to know more about chemical peels, AKA skin peels? Glowday's Hannah and Kelly head to Allure Aesthetics to find out more, and we see Jackie trying out the treatment.

Ever fancied getting gorgeously exfoliated skin? A chemical peel might be just what you need. But what is a chemical peel? Are they as horrible as they sound? And what are the benefits? Glowday's Hannah and Kelly get the lowdown at Allure Aesthetics, and watch on as Jackie tries out a superficial peel for herself. Read on - or watch the video below - for more info on this amazing treatment...

Chemical peels - How they work

Kelly: So, Jackie is having a chemical peel, which sounds horrific. Is it horrific?

Hannah: No. So, Jackie's going to get a superficial chemical peel today. This is a peel that basically exfoliates the top layer of your skin. They are probably the least invasive, quickest, most beneficial thing you can do to your skin without having a needle.

Kelly: So there's different levels of chemical peels you can have?

Hannah: Yes. There are three different types of chemical peels. If you're having a superficial peel, basically, the epidermis is taken off. If you're having a medium-depth peel, it's the epidermis and part of the dermis, and then, if you go for a deep peel, it's much, much deeper into the dermis.

Why a chemical peel?

Kelly: Why is this a good thing to do for your skin?

Hannah: It promotes new skin growth, and it takes off the layer of damage and it allows your skin to regenerate.

Kelly: And how does it get damaged?

Hannah: Mainly sun, smoking, alcohol and wear and tear. A chemical peel is similar to microdermabrasion but it's done using chemicals.

Kelly: Are there any risks with this?

Hannah: Yes. So, if you go to someone who doesn't know what they're doing, you could end up with skin that's damaged by acid, you could end up with pigmentation issues...

Kelly: I feel like I'd be going back to work with a raw face...

Hannah: Ham face. No, you wouldn't. Basically, you'll end up with really fresh skin. So, half an hour of your lunch break would be having this treatment done. You'd need to protect your skin afterwards with an SPF because, obviously, that first protective layer has been removed. But it's almost relaxing. It's like part way between a facial and an invasive treatment.

Kelly: It's like an extreme facial.

Hannah: Exactly.

Jackie's chemical peel experience

Hannah: So, Jackie. How was it?

Jackie: Yeah, really fine. I actually really enjoyed it.

Kelly: Enjoyed it? So it didn't hurt?

Jackie: No. I think my pain peeked at about a six for a moment, and then it just felt really warm and lovely and quite relaxing.

Kelly: Ahh, well that's really good to hear!

Fancy learning more about the different layers of chemical peels? Check out our Glowday treatment guides, and if you're ready for fresher, healthier-looking skin, you can now choose from hundreds of medically qualified practitioners offering skin peels.

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