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What Is Laser Hair Removal? Glowday Video

Fancy being hair free? Laser hair removal might just be the treatment for you! Glowday's Hannah and Kelly nip down to Allure Aesthetics to learn more about it, and Hannah tries it out for herself.

Today, we’re at Allure Aesthetics to lift the lid on laser hair removal, and our very own Hannah is going to give it a whirl, while Kelly talks to aesthetic practitioner Rosin about the treatment and what it involves. Check out the article - or video - below to see how they get on, and what laser hair removal is all about.

Laser hair removal explained

Kelly: Ok, Rosin. So, Hannah’s having laser hair removal on her arm pits. What actually is it? How does it stop hair growing?

Rosin: You have laser hair removal to reduce the amount of hair that’s there. The laser’s attracted to melanin, so it’s attracted to the dark pigment in the hair follicle. So, when the laser shines over the skin, it actually zaps down to the hair follicle and kills the blood supply. I generally recommend an average of eight treatments, one every six to eight weeks, or four to six for the face.

Kelly: Are there any side effects from it?

Rosin: If you didn’t cleanse the skin first and someone had some deodorant on their armpit, the laser would heat up that deodorant and would cause a burn, and you’d end up with hyperpigmentation, which would be a darkening of the skin.

Kelly: How long does each session last? Is this a nip out at lunchtime job, or will it take a bit longer?

Rosin: It can be. It depends on the area that’s being treated. If you’re having your upper lip treated, it’s literally two minutes; it’s really quick. Underarms, just five minutes. If you’re going to do just half legs, 20 minutes. Some people come in for the whole body and have half arms, underarms, bikini, full legs. We could do the full body in about an hour.

Kelly: So, once you’ve finished that cycle, assuming you’ve caught all the hairs, does that mean you’re going to be hairless for life?

Rosin: It depends how hairy the individual is. Menopause, pregnancy...any kind of hormonal imbalance can cause growth in hair.

Kelly: Does laser hair removal hurt?

Rosin: It feels a little bit like an elastic band flicking on your skin, so it’s not pain free. Some people, when they market it, claim that it can be painless, but it does hurt a little bit, but it’s completely worth it.

Kelly: Ok. It’s bearable in the fact that no one needs to be sedated to have it done.

Rosin: No. Some women ask about being numbed before hand, but you really don’t need to be.

Fancy learning a bit more about the incredible laser hair removal? Check out our treatment guide, which is full of useful information that will tell you everything you need to know in order to decide whether it’s right for you. And if you're ready to get booking, Glowday has hundreds of medically qualified practitioners up and down the country for you to choose from.

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