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What Non-Surgical Treatments Are Safe During Pregnancy?

Congrats! You’re expecting a little one (or two or three!) and you’re GLOWING! It’s just like in the films – your skin is dewy and fresh, and you walk around exuding radiance. Except that isn't really the case! Instead, your skin has broken out in teenage acne, you’re dehydrated through morning (or all day) sickness, and somewhere down the line you’ve developed random dark skin patches on your face.

Added to this you can no longer do those fun things that usually make you feel a bit better – say goodbye to that wine and proper cheese for a start! But, while there are many things that you cannot do when you’re pregnant, putting your feet up and getting pampered is most definitely allowed. And, as-long-as your midwife is happy for you to crack on, there are some nice and relaxing treatments that you can look into.

Here’s a run-down of what aesthetic treatments are considered safe during those exciting nine months – and what you should avoid.

What cosmetic treatments are safe - and not safe - during pregnancy?


So, great news...facials are generally considered safe during pregnancy – especially the ones that use natural products.

Pregnancy hormones can play havoc with your skin, and a deep-cleansing facial which typically involves exfoliation and unclogging pores can help reduce an outbreak of spots.

Oxygen facials can increase circulation, promote cellular renewal, and plump out fine lines and wrinkles. And hydrating facials use moisture-rich treatments and products to hydrate skin.

Skin Peels

There’s a lot of conflicting advice when it comes to skin peels during pregnancy. Superficial chemical peels which use lactic acid are widely accepted as being OK, but peels that use other chemicals should be avoided. It’s also worth noting that your skin will be changing continuously due to hormonal changes during this time and, therefore, peels won’t necessarily give you the glow that you are looking for. So, for now, it may be best to save this treatment for a post-pregnancy treat.

Botox and Fillers

This is a no. Injecting a chemical into your body during pregnancy is not advised, and a responsible practitioner should refuse to provide this service to a pregnant woman. For those women who regularly have Botox and fillers this can be a big change in routine but, rest assured, your pregnancy hormones and growing body can work in your favour when it comes to your face. Lips tend to get bigger during pregnancy and as your pregnancy progresses your skin is more likely to plump out, naturally filling out wrinkles. Thank you, body!

Laser hair removal

There are no studies that evaluate the safety of electrolysis - or laser hair removal - during pregnancy and because of this it is not recommended during this time. According to the American Pregnancy Association there are two types of electric currents used in electrolysis - Thermolysis and Galvanic.

Galvanic electrolysis sends a minute electrical current through your body and back to the device, which is not recommended because the baby is surrounded by amniotic fluid. In this situation, the amniotic fluid acts as a conductor of electricity which is why this treatment should be avoided completely.

Thermolysis can also be referred to as diathermy, radio wave, short wave, or high frequency. This current does not flow through the body and has not been found to be harmful to pregnant women or the baby. However, the recommendation is to check with your midwife before having this treatment. For more on this go to the American Pregnancy Association.

So, hopefully, this should give you a better idea of the types of treatments that are safe for you and your baby during pregnancy. Booking a consultation with a medically qualified practitioner is the safest and best way to determine what treatment is right for you.

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