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Why Chemical Peels Are Perfect in Autumn and Winter

Autumn is officially here and that can only mean one’s time to get booked in for a chemical peel!! So, why should you be thinking about getting a skin peel in autumn or winter? Well, there are several really great reasons. Let’s have a look!

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Why are chemical peels great autumn/winter treatments?

Chemical peels are incredible for so many skin concerns. Lines and wrinkles? Check! Age spots? Check! Blemishes? Acne scarring? Pigmentation? Check! Check! Check! However, practitioners generally agree that the best time of year to get skin peels is autumn/winter.

Whether it’s a superficial peel, a medium-depth peel or a deep peel, you won’t want to risk being out in hot weather if you’ve just had one. It can look and feel like you have sunburn when you’ve just come out of your chemical peel appointment (and, sometimes, for the next few days too), so the last thing you want to do is subject your delicate skin to actual sun. Ouch!! So autumn is perfect, as we naturally stay indoors more. This means the amount of sun and UV rays we are exposed to is far less than in the sunnier months.

I don’t know about you but once it gets to mid-October, I’m just about set to start hibernating until Christmas party season. Fewer weddings, no beach holidays...which means autumn is a great time to get in your first peel, let your skin recover without having to see too many people, and then allow gorgeous new skin to uncover in time for the festive period! Now that is something to celebrate!

Another great reason to get a skin peel in autumn is that over the summer, we naturally secrete more oil, collect more dirt and debris as well as dead skin. So, by the time you get to autumn, your skin can look and feel a bit duller. A nice autumn peel can slough off the dead skin cells and result in brighter-looking, more rejuvenated and fresher-looking skin. What’s not to love about that?

Not only that, but chemical peels are a great way to help with sun damaged skin, which is a result of - you’ve guessed it - too much sun exposure. A summer spent enjoying the sunshine leads to increased pigmentation, sun damage, dryness and texture. So, if you’ve been particularly unforgiving to your skin in the warmer temperatures, a peel might be just what you need to reset the skin.

And another reason to get peels in the latter part of the year? Well, with the colder weather comes drier skin (ugh!), and it gets worse when you factor in central heating. But chemical peels help get rid of the dead skin cells that are just lying on the surface, causing our skin to look and feel drab. Thank god! So your moisturiser will go on and be absorbed nicely, and your skin will look fabulous!

Sound like something your skin is in need of? You can find everything you need to know about chemical peels in the awesome, all-encompassing Glowday treatment guides. And if you’re ready to get that autumn glow? Book a chemical peel now.

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