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Summer-ready Treatments: Let the Holiday Skin Begin

The sun is here (for the most part), and the shorts are out! But how do you achieve that incredible summer glow you see on TV and in your favourite magazines? Well, stay tuned, because we'll be talking about THE treatment that will be sure to give you summer-ready, glowing skin that will be the envy of all your friends! As well as a couple of other amazing tweakments that may just give you the body confidence you're looking for this summer.

Profhilo - Get glowing skin from within

Whether you have a big event, such as a wedding, coming up, or you just fancy having makeup free, gorgeous, glowing skin, a bioremodeller such as Profhilo might be just what you’re after.

In a Profhilo treatment, highly concentrated hyaluronic acid (HA) is injected into the skin, in a similar way to dermal fillers. However, the difference is that the consistency of the HA in Profhilo is much runnier and it flows through the skin, where it dissipates and improves the extracellular environment.

So, what does this all mean for your skin? Moisture! After a Profhilo treatment, skin quality is improved, making it look brighter, glowier and more hydrated. And you’ll see a difference even after just one treatment. There's some gorgeous Profhilo before and after photos from Glowday practitioners - just look at this one from Shelley Folkes / The Glow Clinic Hereford and our very own Glowday gal Hannah

So, don’t let anything stop you from getting out and enjoying the summer. It doesn’t last long enough to miss out! Just don’t forget to wear your SPF!

Laser hair removal - Release the legs

Body hair is a bloody nightmare. Shaving, waxing, epilating...there are loads of supposedly great ways to temporarily de-fluff, but it always comes back - and you’re left reaching for the razor on a sunny day that wasn’t forecast. But laser hair removal is an effective way to not just remove hair but actually keep it away. For good!

So, how does this work? Well, as the name suggests, lasers are used to target the hairs (including bikini line, legs and underarm) while they’re in their active growth stage, and the heat from the laser creates intentional damage that causes the hair cells to die. Sounds good, right? And it significantly reduces hair growth by up to 90%. So, you can wear shorts, bikinis or sleeveless tops without having to worry.

It’s important to have a proper consultation with an aesthetic practitioner to see whether laser hair removal is the right treatment for you. The Fitzpatrick Test is a good place to start, to see whether you might be a good candidate.

Body contouring - Restore body confidence

If you’re raring to get into your cossie, but you’re concerned about ‘problem’ areas, maybe your tummy or inner thighs, you’re certainly not alone. According to a recent YouGov report, over a third of Brits are unhappy with their bodies.

If you’re struggling to trim down stubborn areas, fat reduction and body contouring treatments can help restore confidence. These include high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology, like EMSculpt, cryopolis (fat freezing) technology, such as CoolSculpting, and laser technology, like SculpSure. In just a few sessions, you could see a noticeable difference - and all without the need for surgery. Nice!

To book your summer Profhilo, hop on to our home page and find a clinic in your area, and get the glowing summer skin you crave!

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