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How Much Filler Do I Need?

Thinking about getting dermal fillers but confused about the quantity you might need? 0.5ml filler? 1ml filler? 2ml filler? What does it actually mean? And how much will give you the results you want? Whilst the exact amount injected will be different for each person, here’s how much filler is usually needed to treat each area of the face.

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How is filler measured?

Most dermal filler brands sell syringes containing 1ml of filler, but how much is used comes down to the type of treatment and result you want. Let's take a look...

How much filler do I need?

0.5ml of filler or 3ml of filler? How much will you need? Well, the quantity used depends on a few different factors. These include:

  • How deep your wrinkles are
  • How much volume your face has lost
  • Your face shape and features
  • The type of filler treatment you want - for example, a liquid nose job, cheek filler, lip filler, or tear trough filler. It's worth bearing in mind too that different fillers are used for different facial filler treatments - and the viscosity of these varies.

What's the average amount of filler needed for each part of the face?

Ok, let's break it down a bit! A good, medically qualified aesthetic practitioner - and you'll definitely want them to be medically qualified - will know how much to use per filler area on the face. Here's what you'll likely be looking at...

Temple filler

Temple filler is a bit of an unsung hero when it comes to rejuvenating an ageing face, and the great thing is that it offers subtle yet effective results that will make others notice how great you look without knowing why. So how many ml of filler are used in a temple filler treatment? Likely between 0.5ml filler and 3ml of filler for each temple.

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Tear trough fillers

For those who suffer with deep tear troughs or eye bags, tear trough filler - AKA under eye filler - is an absolute god send! It can make such an impact to tired looking eyes, giving you a fresh-faced appearance. So how much filler is used in the tear troughs? Practitioners will likely use 0.5ml to 1ml of tear trough filler, but a good practitioner will use their skill, expertise and discretion to work out how much is right for you - and they'll be more than happy to answer your under eye filler questions.

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Cheek filler

Another incredible treatment for giving a subtle rejuvenated look to the face is cheek fillers. As we age, the fat pads in our cheeks begin to reduce and slip down our faces. Nice! But filler can add plumpness to the face to give back that youthful look. So how much cheek filler will you need? Again, it all comes down to the individual and the results they're looking to achieve, but practitioners will generally use 1-3ml cheek filler per cheek.

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Non-surgical nose jobs (nose fillers)

Dislike something about your nose? Whether it's a hump, a bump or it's crooked or too big, a non-surgical nose job - AKA liquid rhinoplasty, liquid nose job, non-surgical rhinoplasty or nose fillers - is a great option that doesn't require going under the knife. Bit how much filler is used in a non-surgical nose job? The quantity of filler needed for liquid rhinoplasty will vary depending on the changes you're looking to make, but you'll be looking to pay for a minimum of one syringe.

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Nasolabial folds

The nasolabial folds are the lines that you see coming down between your nose and the corners of your lips, and it's a typical sign of ageing that starts to happen in our thirties. If it's something that bothers you, dermal filler can be used to treat the area, and, typically, a practitioner will use anywhere from 0.5ml to 2ml filler per side, depending on the individual and how deep the lines are.

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Lip filler

Probably the best known of all dermal fillers, lip fillers have become super popular in the last few years, thanks to the subtle and sometimes not so subtle results they can have. Whether you want to hydrate your lips, address lip asymmetry or plump your pout, lip augmentation in the form of lip injections is an amazing option. But how much lip filler will you need? Well, it depends on the individual and their lip goals, but can vary from 0.5ml lip filler to 3ml. A good practitioner will talk through your options and suggest an amount based on your individual case. It may also be the case that you need several appointments to get the lip look you're after.

Marionette lines

Marionette lines are the ones that form between the corners of your mouth and chin. And if you have them, you'll know exactly which ones I mean. Given the name marionette lines thanks to the mouth of a marionette puppet or doll, people often choose to address them after a certain age. So how much filler is used in marionette lines? Typically, 0.5ml to 1ml of filler for each side of the face.

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Chin and jawline filler

Jawline augmentation is huge right now and it's easy to see why when you take a look at the amazing jawline filler before and after images out there. This is a treatment that's popular with both men and women and can be used to create a sharp jawline or a strong jawline. If chin or jawline filler has got your name all over it, how much will you need? You've guessed it - it depends on the individual, but you'll likely want between 1ml and 3ml of filler to shape and define.

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For more about fillers, head over to these FAQs. And, before your treatment, check out these 8 things to consider.

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