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Lip Filler Near Me: Finding Safe Clinics near you.

If you Google “lip filler near me” chances are you’ll be faced with a ton of clinics and practitioners to plough through. From highly qualified healthcare practitioners to dodgy back-street do you even tell the difference?

The thing is, here in the UK ANYONE can pick up a needle, buy some dodgy filler off Instagram, set up a Facebook page and be filling people's faces. With limited/no training, with no healthcare background, with no previous experience.

So, how do you find someone to do your lip filler locally?

How do I find great lip fillers near me?

Finding lip fillers in your area can be a bit of a minefield.

Not only are you wanting to find someone who creates the kind of lips you LOVE, but you also want to make sure they are safe and can look after you before and after your treatment.

There are loads of clinics offering lip fillers, but knowing who you can and can’t trust is a nightmare. That’s because, in the UK, fillers can be performed by anyone. ANYONE! So, while you think Lucy Lips down the road must be uber qualified to be offering lip filler and whatever else, actually, she might have no experience, have bought her filler from an unlicensed seller on Instagram, have no insurance and have absolutely no knowledge of facial anatomy or how to resolve complications if they happen. Scary, right?

Don't trust just anyone with your lip filler. They might say they're qualified, but are they really? Choose a safe practitioner on Glowday.

That’s pretty much how the idea behind Glowday came about. Our CEO Hannah was tired of all the leg work she was having to do to look for a safe and qualified practitioner to perform her aesthetic treatments, so she set up Glowday, only allowing healthcare professionals who have training in injectable treatments to join, and verifying that they do in fact have the right qualifications, training and insurance.

What about lip filler before and afters and lip filler reviews?

We know that finding someone to trust with your face requires you to know about your practitioner.

Who they are. What they can do. Where they trained. What other people think of them.

Reading geniune patient reviews and seeing actual practitioner before and afters really help you decide if the practitioner is right for you.

After all, you want to be sure a practitioner’s style is something you like and that there are no sausage lips, trout pots or duck lips in sight! Just natural lips (well, natural-looking with a touch of filler). Obviously, lip enhancement is a very personal thing and you might prefer a full pout, and that’s exactly why it helps to be able to look at lip filler before and afters.

Just look at this beautiful lip filler before and after photo, using just 1ml of lip filler, from Charine Patel, Bisou Clinic

Same when it comes to reviews too! I don’t know about you, but I don’t buy much nowadays without looking at online reviews first. This helps you get a better understanding of whether or not the product or service is as good as the company selling it claims it is. The only trouble is, there are a lot of fake reviews out there. It’s true of products and it’s true of services - and it’s no different when it comes to lip filler reviews. So it can be difficult to know who you can really trust with your pout.

The reviews you read on Glowday are genuine patient reviews. We only invite patients who have paid for their treatments to review their practitioner. This means practitioners are not able to amend or fake reviews to suit their own needs, and everything is written directly by a client.

How do I use Glowday to find lip fillers near me?

It’s so easy to find lip fillers in your area using Glowday. All you need to do is search for either the treatment you want to have - in this case lip fillers - along with the location you want to go to have the treatment. We list hundreds of lip injectors from around the UK, so there are plenty to choose from.

Or, if you already know the name of a lip filler practitioner or clinic, you can check to see whether they are on Gowday and book with them using their Glowday diary system. And if they are on Glowday, you know they’re either a doctor, dentist, nurse or prescribing pharmacist who will keep you in safe hands during your lip filler treatment.

Here are some expert lip fillers you can find on

Kelsey Bailey

Lucy Foster

Theresa Ashley

Laura Eason

Dr Ed Robinson

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