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Why I Use Glowday to Book Safe Cosmetic Treatments

Seen Glowday on social media and wondered what all the fuss was about? In truth, it’s a great tool if you’re looking to book a cosmetic treatment like fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, chemical peels and more. Of course, I’m a little biased (I think it’s bloody brilliant), so that’s why I spoke to someone who doesn’t work for the company - Lis Merrett, 39, from Bristol - to tell us her account of using Glowday, and why she’s hooked.

Hi Lis! Talk us through your experience using Glowday. Was it easy to use? How was the overall booking process, and what are the main benefits for you and other consumers looking for a cosmetic treatment with an aesthetic practitioner?

I was really curious when I started seeing posts about Glowday on social media. I’d had Botox twice for migraine prevention, about four years ago, and then, in March this year, I had Botox in my forehead and crow's feet - I had a lovely smooth face for lockdown. Before Glowday, I had to book appointments over the phone after researching online and looking at hundreds of Google reviews just to find a practitioner I felt I could trust.

When I went onto Glowday, I had an idea that I wanted fillers, but I was mainly interested in exploring what practitioners there were in the Bristol area. The booking process was really simple and only took a matterof minutes once I had chosen which practitioner I wanted to see. I think I was multitasking on a Zoom call at the time and it was just a case of a few clicks to find an appointment that suited me and book in. Booking through Glowday literally couldn't be easier.

I had seen Dr Claire Ashley - the practitioner I chose - on the Glowday Instagram account a few months ago, and had taken a look at her Instagram profile at the time and liked it. So, when I started to explore local practitioners I was drawn to her profile. I didn't decide on a practitioner straight away; I viewed all my local practitioners’ profiles first and then came back another day and made my final decision. I really liked Claire's profile, as she seemed experienced and professional, and had a lovely smile in her photos.

So, I booked in to see Claire at Aethra Aesthetics in Portishead, Bristol. I went in with the idea of getting dermal fillers in my midface/cheeks but I was open to seeing what Claire suggested. We had a Zoom consultation and talked about what I wanted to achieve, and she recommended 1 ml of filler. I had already done some research but to be honest the 'f' word did scare me a little - so I asked Claire lots of questions and she put me at ease. I got the vibe that she was quite conservative with a ‘less is more’ approach, and that was exactly what I was after.

Booking through Glowday literally couldn't be easier.

For me, there are several key benefits to booking cosmetic treatments via Glowday. Firstly, knowing that someone else has done the due diligence for me, and knowing that every practitioner is medically qualified gave me real peace of mind and saved me time aimlessly Googling. Then, I loved how easy it was to book on my mobile, choosing an appointment that suited me, without having to speak to anyone, was so easy. It meant I didn't have to search and book during clinic opening hours - something that I've found frustrating in the past if I am working late.

Knowing that every practitioner is medically qualified gave me real peace of mind and saved me time aimlessly Googling.

With AirBNB and, I am so used to just booking things when I am lying in bed or can't sleep (yeah, I know screen time is bad in bed!), so it's great to have a platform that's as easy as these. Also, I liked that I had already given my payment details, so when I had my treatment, I didn't have to worry about handing my card over.

I would definitely use Glowday again, I would definitely visit Claire again, and I am curious about other treatments on offer. I have already recommended Glowday to a few people - and have shared links to the treatment guides on your site, which are full of reliable, unbiased information.

Overall, the best thing about Glowday, for me, is the simplicity and the fact that it puts me in control. It's one of those things that is so good you wonder why it hasn't always existed!

Thanks so much, Lis! So glad you had such a positive experience with Glowday and Claire!

If you’re ready to get glowing like Lis, head over to Glowday now and check out the hundreds of medically qualified aesthetic practitioners offering incredible cosmetic treatments. Ready, set, glow!

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