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Best Online Resources for Aesthetic Practitioners

As an aesthetic practitioner, there are tons of great online resources out there for you, whether you’re looking to do a bit more learning, stay up-to-date with industry news, or want to welcome new clients to your clinic. And we’ve mentioned lots of them over the last couple of weeks to help you get through COVID-19. So, to refresh your memory, here’s a summary of some of the best online resources you have at your fingertips (plus a few extra).

To continue learning: Online training courses

With your clinic’s doors currently closed, you’ve got a great opportunity to do a spot of training and really brush up on your knowledge. And the great thing is, you don’t have to attend courses in person - there are lots of great online resources available from training providers, so you can expand your know-how from the comfort of your own home. Providers like SkinViva, Derma Medical and e-mastr are a few sites you can go to for some injectable training.

Want to find out about all of the great CPD resources available? Head over to this article.

To network: BACN, BCAM and JCCP

The voluntary regulatory bodies - like the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN), the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) and the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) - provide great ways for you to network with colleagues and stay connected with other aesthetic professionals whilst we’re all in isolation. Whilst conferences and meetings might be on hold for the time being, many self-regulating bodies have Facebook pages and groups that are great for boosting morale and sharing advice. It’s a really important time for us to stay in touch with people as much as possible, and this is a fab way to do this.

To stay up-to-date with industry news: The Aesthetics journal

The Aesthetics journal is a hub of industry news, help and advice for practitioners, information about training courses, CPD guidance, and useful resources about the Coronavirus - like how to manage your clinic during COVID-19. It’s got all of your aesthetics needs under one roof and, here at Glowday, we’re always super excited when our monthly issue comes in the post! But, members also have the option to access their great content online too - win!

To keep yourself entertained: Podcasts

Everyone loves a podcast, right? They’re fun, engaging and full of lots of great information - they’re pretty great ways to learn all round, without even feeling like you’re learning. And there are a whole host of them out there that are great for practitioners, whether you want to to hear detailed talks about aesthetic treatments or want to listen to more business-focused chats - there’s a podcast for everyone. For a look at 5 of the best podcasts for aesthetic professionals, you can have a read through this article.

To help grow your business: Glowday

Now, I couldn’t write an article about great resources for practitioners without mentioning Glowday! The benefits of Glowday for practitioners are twofold. In the editorial section, you’ll find lots of great articles all the way from info about regulatory bodies to insurance and VAT advice - not to mention industry news and interviews. It’s an entertaining, informative and educational place and you can check it out here. And we’re also working hard to bring you lots of content whilst we’re in this unsettling COVID-19 time, with advice about how to keep your business afloat and making the most of your time whilst you’re not treating clients - and you can click here if you fancy finding out more.

The other huge benefit of Glowday is that, when we launch, we’ll be able to connect you with lots of new clients. By simply creating a quick, free profile, you’ll not only have access to lots of great software (hello, free diary!), but you’ll also be ready to take bookings as soon as we go live later this year. Intrigued? You can learn tons more here.

And there you go! Some of the best online resources out there to help you out at all times, but especially as we’re waiting for the Coronavirus storm to pass.

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