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"Glowday Has Made My Life a Lot Easier!"

What attracts aesthetic practitioners to Glowday? We spoke to Dr Emmaline Ashley of Ashley Aesthetics to find out her experience with the platform, so far.

Hi Emmaline! How did you come across Glowday, and what was it that made you decide to join?

I first came across Glowday early in 2020. I remember there was a lot of buzz around it on social media - Glowday’s Instagram is really, really good - and lots of people were talking about it. I joined in late spring 2020, with the view of thinking ahead to when clinics would be reopening.

The big thing, for me, was the booking tool. Without that, things can get really difficult and, actually, quite disorganised, which is not ideal. You have people DMing you, messaging you or sending you emails, and things can get messy. I didn’t have any booking software before Glowday and I was looking out for a platform to use. That was definitely the first thing that drew me in. Then, once I started navigating through it, I just loved the site. It’s beautifully done and so aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.

I also love that everyone on the platform is verified and checked. It’s such a major thing. Before I went into aesthetics, working as a doctor, I didn’t have a clue that anyone could inject, without a medical background or any proper training, and that’s true of so many clients. It’s so hard for someone who doesn’t know much about aesthetics or how it works. Before Glowday, people didn’t know what to look for or where to go to stay safe. They might see someone who has a really nice site, lots of before and after photos, and loads of followers on Instagram, but they might not realise that, actually, she’s only done a one-day training course and that she’s not medically qualified. Having a platform where you know everyone is safe, qualified, and have all been checked is so helpful for anyone interested in getting these treatments. That was a huge draw for me to join Glowday.

How was the process of setting up your Glowday profile?

The setting up process is really quick and easy. I uploaded my documents, put in my details, and I think Jon did a quick call with me just to double check a few things. It only took me about half an hour to set things up, copy in my bio and add in pictures. The way it’s set up is very intuitive.

Hannah also did quite a few Instagram live videos and zoom sessions for anyone who wasn’t sure how to get started. She walked people through it step by step, so I think it’s been made very easy and accessible to get set up. Most people wouldn’t have any issues setting up their accounts because the way it’s been done is very streamlined and intuitive, but everyone’s so approachable at Glowday that if you do have any problems, you know you can just send someone a message and ask, and they’ll help you get started. It’s so, so easy!

That’s great! And what have you found to be the main benefits of joining Glowday, so far?

Aside from knowing that I’m on the platform with only other medically qualified practitioners, having Glowday take care of the more logistical side of things - like email and text reminders - is great. Having to do that all manually is really time consuming.

Also, being able to take payments online, automatically, has been really helpful. The no-show fee is another great benefit. We’ve all been in that situation where a client doesn’t show up and you lose out, but this feature really helps with that. As you grow and get more clients, you can’t be doing everything manually - it’s impossible. Glowday has made my life a lot easier!

Glowday also collects reviews and before and after photos, and once you start building it all out, it’s just so, so helpful.

I love the treatment guides and have linked them all to my website because the information is really clear and concise. I really like the In the Glow blog too, as it’s such a wealth of information, with articles written by Glowday as well as articles by other practitioners sharing their knowledge.

That’s so good to hear! Thank you! And would you recommend Glowday to others?

I would 100% recommend Glowday to other practitioners, and I have. I’ve had a few people reach out to me who are getting started in aesthetics, just asking for recommendations, and, alongside courses, insurance companies and online resources, I always recommend Glowday because they’re so helpful and so, so good.

It's such a positive and such a needed platform for aesthetics. And it’s such a brilliant idea - having a safe place that anyone can go to find a practitioner, find treatment information and be able to compare and contrast to find a practitioner or clinic that suits them. It’s such a need in the market with how unregulated aesthetics is in the UK. I couldn’t praise Glowday enough!

What features would you like to see on Glowday that aren’t already there?

At the moment, I do use other bits of software to put in all my notes, documentation and consent forms. It would be great great if everything could be on Glowday. For example, I’d love to be able to put in a full treatment plan and put in the consent forms to have it all in one place, which is something I know you’re currently working on.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Emmaline. It’s great to hear you’re getting a lot out of Glowday - and much bigger things are yet to come!

Fancy seeing the amazing benefits of Glowday for yourself? Find out more here or contact our clinic onboarding superstar Leigh on or 07376047260

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